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 The Dod Family of Highfields







The family tree of the Dod Family up to Jane Dod 1711-1783





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The Dod family tree and its association with Highfields.





Cadwgan Dot of Malpas

“Dot, the Saxon Lord of sixteen manors, either exclusively, or of a considerable portion thereof was joint Lord of Cholmondeley, Hampton, Grappenhall and two thirds of the Bickerton with this very Edwin. Dot was ejected from all his manors (after the Norman conquest), and the circumstance of the heiress of the relics of Edwin 's lands matching herself with a man who bore the name of one so closely connected with her apparent ancestor seems to make this marriage the results of an old family friendship and alliance, and to lead to a deduction of Cadwgan Dot from the Dot of Domesday. A descent in the male line from a Saxon, noticed in that record, would be unique in the county of Chester.”
















Hova Dod (or Dot)

Married the daughter and heiress of Edwin, Lord of Edge






























Roger Dod of Edge

The Edge Hall Estates near Malpas was still owned by the Wolley Dod family)

















































John Dod of Calverhall

Married Johanna, daughter and co-heiress of Ightfield





























William Dod


Married in 1408


Hugh Dod

Married Agnes de Cloverley in 1418















? Dod













































John Dod of Cloverley Hall (an estate the family had owned since the early fifteenth century)

















John Dod of Cloverley Hall

? to 1578

Elder son

Married Margaret, daughter of John Mainwaring of Ightfield, Salop

Died without issue

William Dod of Lostford


Younger son

Married Anne Chester in 1530

Inherited the Highefields pasture with other lands from Hugh Chester



8 daughters to find?













Thomas Dod


Died young

William Dod of Newstreet Lane and Highfields

In 1568 Married Catherine, daughter of Magrate Pixley, widow of Willaston, Salop

William built Highfields
















George Dod


Died young

No issue




William Dod of Highfields

1577 to about 1655

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Married Eleanor, eldest daughter and heiress, daughter of John Gamul of Buerton Hall in 1598

Highfields, Audlem




Margaret Dod


Married at Audlem in 1594



During the Civil War, support was divided, but the Dod family of Highfields appear to have sided with the Royalists.

During the Civil War, the grammar school was established at Audlem. William Gamil of Buerton Hall left £30 in 1635 for the maintenance erection and continuance of the school and his brother in law, William Dod of Highfields, was one of the custodians (trustees)










Thomas Dod of Highfields

1600? to 1656

Eldest Son

Died unmarried

Highfields until 1656



George Dod of Highfields, formerly of Penders End

1602? to 1660

Married Dorothy, daughter of Edward Greenley of Titley Court, Herefordshire

Penders End, Highfields, Audlem








William Dod of Buerton


Married Magdalen Shepherd of Walsall, Staffs in 1629 and then Anne, daughter of Ralph Latham of Nantwich in 1639

4 daughters








Dorothy Dod

Married Thomas Hopwood of Milton, Herefordshire and later her cousin, John Greenley JP of Titley Court


George Dod of Highfields

1653 to 1727

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Barrister at law

Married Charity, daughter of John Woodroffe, London and Chalderton, Hants in 1680

Highfields, Audlem




Alice Dod


Married Watkins



William Dod


Alice Dod


Married Lloyd


John Dod

16 January 1647/8

Margaret Dod


Married Boote

Elizabeth Dod


Married Bostock

Jane Dod

1651 to 25 February 1650/1

Alice Dod


Married Wilbraham




George Dod of Highfields

1681 to 1713

In 1708 married his second cousin, Jane, daughter of John Gouldsmyth, barrister of law of Stapely Manor, Cheshire

Barrister of Law

Highfields, Audlem




Thomas Dod


Rector of Stepney, 1718-1720

Author of the Ride of Equity’

Married Mary Jones


Roger Dod


Randle Dod


John Dod



Edward Dod

11 October 1688 to 1763

Captain Royal Navy

William Baker recorded in his account books in April 1753 that Captain Edward Dod came to Highfields and stayed a visit of 20 weeks. On the 12th August in large firm writing: “Capt Dod went away”!


William Dod


Charity Dod

1692 to 5 June 1752

William Baker recorded in his account books on 5 June 1752: “Died at Raby Castle Aunt Charity Dod aged 69, she left Chatty (his daughter) £9 and some jewels.”

Rachael Dod


Married Honeywood and later Hodgson

8 other daughters





William Baker       =

Baker, William 1705-71 Nick K

1705 to 1771

Married Elizabeth Eykyn in 1729 and Jane Dod in 1736

The Architect

London, Leominster, Highfields, Audlem





Jane Dod of Highfields

1711 to 1783

Only surviving daughter who inherited Highfields on the death of her grandfather in 1727

Judith Dod















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