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The Farndale Story is the family story and a journey through the history of Yorkshire, northern England, and Britain for over two thousand years.



Some other Narratives

There is also a narrative history of the family.

There are also two timelines:

        Timeline 1 covers the period 1000 CE to 1600.

        Timeline 2 covers the period 1600 to date.

Other general historical pages are:

        The earlier history and pre-history of the region

        A history of Yorkshire in the eleventh century.

        Farndales and World War 1.

Martin Farndale started to wrote some historical notes which are still available but are now largely superseded by the above:

The Farndale History Part 1 The Beginnings The Middle Ages 1154 to 1400.


The Farndale History Part 2 The fifteenth and sixteen centuries 1400-1600.


There is also an index of the English and Social History Pages.


You can also explore themes associated with our family including those who were farmers, pioneers and soldiers, with many also taking to the sea, working in the ironstone mines of Cleveland.


You will find some headlines of the history of the Farndale family