Agricultural labourer of Skelton who married Elizabeth Taylor. After working on a farm at Skelton at about age 25, he worked with his father in law, a farmer at Fogga Farm, Skelton from about 1842 and by 1861 was an agricultural labourer at Hutton Lowcross just southwest of Guisborough. He died a year later when he was still only 43. His wife later lived at Craggs Hall Farm with her son Matthew.


Martin Farndale
17 December 1818 (Baptised) to 12 July 1862

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Martin Farndale, son of George & Mary Farndale (FAR00215) of Easby, farmer, baptised Great Ayton. (IGI entry says baptised Stokesley).  Baptised on 17 December 1818.

(Stokesley PR & IGI)


Baptism date: 17 December 1818. Later records show he was born at Easby (5km east of Stokesley, 2km south east of Great Ayton).



Census 1841 - Skelton:

Martin Farndale, age 25; male servant; born in Yorks (about 1816). He looks to have been working with Michael Dixon, a farmer, and his family.



Martin Farndale, son of George Farndale (FAR00215), married, Elizabeth Taylor, Skelton, 27 Feb 1842. (Martin aged 24).

Martin Farndale of full age, bachelor, labourer of Skelton son of George Farndale (FAR00215), labourer married Elizabeth Taylor of full age, spinster of Fogga, Skelton, daughter of James Taylor, farmer at the Parish Church Skelton on 19th February 1842.

(Skelton PR)(MR)


The Taylor Family
























William Farndale, born Skelton 16 Dec 1842 (FAR00356).

Martin Farndale, born Skelton 19 Sep 1845 (FAR00364).

John Farndale, born Skelton 26 Jun 1848 (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, born Skelton 25 Jun 1850 (FAR00383).

(Skelton PR)



Census - 1851 - Skelton- Fogga Farm:

James Taylor, head, age 74, widower, born Barnby, farmer 70 acres.

Elizabeth Farndale, 40, marr, daughter and wife of Martin Farndale, born Fylingdales (ie 1811).

Martin Farndale, 33, marr, born Easby, Son-in-law (ie born 1818).

William Farndale, son of Martin, age 8, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00356).

Martin Farndale, son of Martin, age 5, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00364).

John Farndale, son of Martin, age 2, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, son of Martin, age 9, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00383).



Census 1861 – 61 Galey Hill, Hutton Lowcross:

Martin Farndale, head; marr; age 42; agricultural labourer; born Easby (1819).

Elizabeth Farndale, wife; age 44; born Skelton (1817).

John Farndale, son; age 12; scholar; born Skelton (1849) (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, son; age 10; scholar; born Skelton (1851) (FAR00383).


Church Warden:

Martin Farndale, shown as Church Warden of Brotton Church in 1861.

(Brotton Church Records)



Martin Farndale died 12 Jul 1862 aged 43 Guisborough from empyema; Elizabeth Farndale was present at the death. There is a family story that Martin was kicked by a horse. Empyema is the medical term for pockets of pus that have collected inside a body cavity. They can form if a bacterial infection if left untreated, or if it fails to fully respond to treatment. The term empyema is most commonly used to refer to pus-filled pockets that develop in the pleural space

Martin Farndale of Guisborough buried Skelton 14 July 1862 aged 43.



Family’s life after he died


Census 1881- 1, Kilton Village:

‘Bessie’ (Elizabeth?) Farndale, head; widow; age 70; born Whitby? (1811).

John Farndale, son; u/m; age 32; railway porter; born Skelton (1849) (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, son u/m; age 30; ag lab; born Skelton (1851) (FAR00383).


Census 1891 - Craggs Hall Farm, Brotton:

Elizabeth Farndale, widow; aged 80; born Whitby; (1811).[Shown as mother to Matthew Farndale of Craggs Hall].


Elizabeth Died

Elizabeth Farndale widow of Martin Farndale, farmer, age 83, died of influenza (4 days) and sirgultas (4days), on 21st March 1894 at Craggs Hall Farm, Brotton. M A Farndale, daughter in law in attendance at Craggs Hall farm, Brotton. Registered 22 Mar 1894. Death Certificate.



























Elizabeth Farndale of Brotton buried Skelton aged 83, 24 Mar 1894. (Therefore born 1811)

(Skelton PR)


Gravestone Skelton Old Churchyard;

‘In loving memory of Martin Farndale of Skelton who died 11th July 1862 aged 43 years also Elizabeth wife of the above who died at Craggs Hall Farm on 21st March 1894 in her 84th year. Also William son of the above who died 29th June 1852 aged 11 years.’

             (White Marble headstone).























Probably not this Elizabeth Taylor.











Fogga Farm was located in present day North Skelton where the Ironstone Mine was eventually opened in 1872. Called "Old Fogga" on the 1856 Ordnance Survey Map.

















Hutton Lowcross is just SW of Guisborough – see Hutton Village and Hutton Lowcross Woods.















































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Gravestone of Martin Farndale is at Skelton Church, old churchyard near Skelton Castle