Miner in Bishop Auckland, who had a son and daughter, but died at the age of 32


Thomas Farndale
17 February 1822 (Baptised) to 28 March 1854

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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Thomas Farndale, son of George & Mary Farndale (FAR00215) of Easby, farmer, baptised, Stokesley. Baptised 17 February 1822.




Census 1841 - Kilton:

Thomas Farndale, age 15; male servant to George Jennings; born in Yorks; (ie 1826).


In 1841, Thomas was a servant to his uncle Matthew Farndale (FAR00225)


Thomas Farndale of full age, bachelor, pitman of St Helen, Aukland, son of George Farndale, labourer, married Isabella Bowes of full age, spinster of St Helen, Aukland, daughter of William Bowes, a labourer, at the church of St Helen Aukland on 25th May 1850. Both made their marks. Witnesses Edward Davison and Thomas Sammerson. Matthew Chester, Vicar. (Say at his marriage, then born in 1822).



I understand Isabella nee Bowes was born in about 1822 and died on 12 January 1876.



William Farndale, son of Thomas and Isabella Farndale born Martin Moor 1851 (FAR00386).



Also Mary Ann Farndale (FAR00397) born 17 March 1853




Census 1851 - St Helen, Bishop Auckland

Thomas Farndale, head; marr; age 30; coal miner; born Martin Moor; (1821)

Isabella Farndale, wife; marr; age 31; b Durham; (1820)

William Farndale, son; age 2 weeks; b St Helens; (1851) (FAR00386).



Thomas Farndale aged 32 of St Helens, Auckland, pitman, died of phthisis. Isabella Farndale made her mark as present at the death at St Helens, Auckland on 28th March 1854.(Therefore born,1822).


The above information was helpfully provided by Judith Bremner: Mary Ann was always referred to as Aunty Farndale or Aunty.Her brother William was not very strong and Mary Ann looked after him until his death in 1919, at this time my mother was a toddler and unable to remember him herself.Mary Ann died aged 74 when my mother was 10 in 1927. Their parents were Thomas Farndale & Isabella Bowes. Thomas died in his early 30ís and Isabella had a hard life bringing up 2 young children as a single parent.