Miner of West Hartlepool for was killed aged 37 by a fall of iron stone at the Poston Mines, Ormsby, Middlesborough




John Henry Farndale
13 April 1828 to 9 March 1866

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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





John Henry Farndale, son of Henry & Elizabeth Farndale, (FAR00229) labourer, baptised 13 April 1828, Stainton-in- Cleveland.

(Stainton PR & IGI)

When John Henry Farndale was born in 1828, his father, Henry, was 33 and his mother, Elizabeth nee Appleton, was 30.





Census 1841 Cross Field House, Kirklevington, Stockton


John Farndale, 13 (b 1828), an agricultural labourer, living with the Sleigh family (farmers).






He married Sarah A Walker on 29 December 1862 in Hartlepool, Durham


John Farndale aged 30 bachelor, miner of West Hartlepool son of Henry Farndale (see Note 229) a farming man, married Sarah Walker aged 27, by banns, a spinster of West Hartlepool daughter of John Walker a stonemason at the Parish Church, West Hartlepool, on 29 Dec 1862. John made his mark, Sarah signed. Witnesses Solomon Foy and Margaret Walker. JG Rowe, Vicar.





He died on 9 March 1866 in Ormesby, Yorkshire, at the age of 37. Buried on 11 March 1866. Eston and Normanby Cemetery, Eston.


John Henry Farndale aged 37 a miner accidentally killed by a fall of iron stone at the Poston Mines, Ormesby on 9 Mar 1866. (ie born 1829). Inquest held on 10 Mar 1866.


John H Farndale, died Guisborough District aged 37. Mar 1866.



Buried on 11 March 1866 at Christchurch, Eston.Abode shown as Ormesby.


The incident seems to have been an isolated accident, since the records do not show it as a mining disaster event - http://www.dmm.org.uk/colliery/o902.htm







Ormesby mine was short-lived (1865 to 1892), mining an outlying deposit under Ormesby Bank. The seam occurs quite near to the surface, and roof falls at the site of the mine have been commonplace.


Lease Holders

1865 - 1879 : Swan, Coates and Company

1879 1892 : Cargo Fleet Iron Company