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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Samuel Farndale, born Guisborough District, son of William and Hannah Farndale (FAR00378)


Samuel Farndale registered Guisborough District October to December 1871

(GRO Vol 9d page 428)




Census 1881 - 20, High Row Loftus

Samuel Farndale, son of William and Hannah Farndale (FAR00378) an ironstone worker of 20, High Row, Loftus age 9,born Loftus.


1881 census, High Row, Lofthouse


William Farndale, 33, ironstone miner, born Egton

Hannah Farndale, 36, born Lofthouse

John W Farndale, scholar, 11, born Lofthouse

Samuel Farndale, scholar, 9, born Lofthouse

Thomas Farndale, scholar, 7, born Lofthouse

Sarah Farndale, scholar, 4, born Lofthouse

Lavinia H Farndale, 1 month, born Lofthouse

Samuel Farndale, 21, a labourer, born 1871, travelled from Liverpool to Quebec on SS Sardinian on 21 April 1892.


Also a Sam Farndale, a labourer, an adult, who travelled from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the Carthaginian on 16 March 1895.


Seems to be Samuel Kirk Farndale of Loftus who went to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (1871 1954.





Samuel Farndale married Mary Richardson at Kinsale, Ontario on 20 March 1906 (see their son, Clarence, birth record.





Canada Census 1911


Samuel Farndale, 38, born 1872 in England.

Mary Farndale, 30, his wife, born 1881 in England.

Howard Farndale, 3, born 1907 in Ontario, son

Gordon Farndale, 2, born 1909 in Ontario, son



List of Electors 1935


Samuel Farndale, farmer, Brooklin, Pickering, Ontario


List of Electors 1940


Samuel Farndale, farmer, RR1 Brooklin, Pickering Township, Ontario

List of Electors 1945


Samuel Farndale, gentleman, Brooklin, Whitby Township, Ontario


List of Electors 1949


Samuel Farndale, retired, Brooklin, Whitby Township, Ontario


Thomas Farndale, born Oshawa, Canada, say about 1900, (FAR00702A). Not sure this is right recheck when get to record


Gordon Farndale, born Oshawa, Canada, say about 1901, (FAR00704A). Did Gordon die at birth, hence the second Gordon, or is there an error Not sure this is right recheck when get to record


William Thomas Howard Farndale, born Pickering Oshawa, Canada16 December 1907 (FAR00717A).


William Thomas Steward Farndale, born 1908 (FAR00733A)

Gordon Samuel Kirk Farndale, born Pickering, Oshawa, Canada, 22 February 1909, (FAR00737A).


Clarence Richard Henry Farndale, born Kinsale, Ontario, on 27 July 1912 (FAR00783A).




See also the Farndales of Ontario.





There is no record of his death