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John Martin Farndale
4 March 1886 to 16 September 1966

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Grocer and Store manager in Guisborough who later emigrated to Newfoundland 


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John Martin Farndale son of John Farndale, a signalman of Lofthouse and Elizabeth Farndale, formerly Featherstone, (FAR00376), born 4, East Street, Lofthouse.


John Martin Farndale registered Guisbro Apr-Jun 1886

(GRO Vol 9d page 501 - 1837 online)




Census 1891 - 4, East Street, Loftus:

John Martin Farndale, son of John and Elizabeth Farndale of 4, East Street, Loftus, age 5, born Loftus.



Census 1901 Ė 4 East Street, Loftus


John Martin Farndale is the son of John (railway signalman) and Elizabeth. He is aged 15 and shown as a grocerís apprentice.


So he was a grocerís apprentice by 1901.



John Martin Farndale, married Bessie Stainthorpe, Mar 1910 at Guisborough District.



John Martin Farndale lived at Loftus and was a store manager at Guisborough before he went to Newfoundland just after he was married in 1910. He returned to live at 29 Church Street, Guisborough in the 1950s and then went to live near his son at Southampton.


Advertisement in 1919:



So they appear to have lived for a while at 24 Cochrane Street.


They appear to have returned to England, as family, via Boston arriving on 22 September 1923 in Liverpool.



In August 1924, Bessie, Raymond and Bertram were on the passenger list sailing from Liverpool to St Johnís:






Census of Newfoundland, 1935:



John (then aged 49) is shown as head of the household, a manager with a grocery department, living at 173 Gower Street, St Johnís, East Ward. He lived with his wife Bessie (aged 51), recorded as a homemaker, and his sons Raymond (aged 21) who was by then an accountant with a fishery firm and Bertram (aged 16) who was still at school. The record confirms that John and Bessie had emigrated to Newfoundland in 1910.



Census of Newfoundland, 1945:


John M Farndale (aged 59) living with his wife Bessie (61) at St Johnís East (173 Gower Street). John is still shown as a manager, grocery.


On 21 April 1948 he travelled from Liverpool to St Johnís onboard the ship ĎNewfoundlandí. He is listed as a tourist and a stores department manager. His last address was Job Brothers, Tower Building, Liverpool.


On 24 October 1953 he travelled from Liverpool on the Nova Scotia bound for St Johnís. His last address was 29 Church Street, Guisborough and he was shown again as a grocery manager. At this stage his country of intended future residence was shown as UK.



Raymond Farndale, born 23 Feb 1914, Newfoundland  (FAR00804).

Bertram Farndale, born 24 Jul 1919, Newfoundland  (FAR00855).








John M Farndale, died age 80 at Southampton on 16 Sep 1966 and is buried at Southampton






John Farndale (left) with his wife Betsey Farndale and sons: Raymond Farndale (back) and Bertram Farndale (right), taken in 1958



A group of people posing for a photo

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John Martin (left), with his brothers George, Albert and William





Gower Street, St Johnís