Lived in Stockton, Hartlepool and then Bradford who worked in the merchant navy and later ran a pub also a French polisher on Bradford


Robert George Farndale
14 February 1909 to September 1978 


The Hartlepool 1 Line

The Bradford 1 Line 











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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Robert George Farndale, born Stockton District, 14 February 1909. Son of Henry Farndale (FAR00495).


Robert George Farndale registered Stockton District Jan-Mar 1909

(GRO Vol 10a page 89 - 1837 Online)

His grandson, Paul Farndale (FAR01197) emailed me on 4 April 2004 and told me that he thinks Robert George was one of 13 children and was born in Stockton. Paul has been told that his grandfather was in the merchant navy and settled there to run a pub. He has also been told that the family subsequently moved to Hartlepool and then to Bradford en masse, presumably as the Great Depression hit the north east of England very hard. The Bradford Farndales stem from this line.

(email from Paul 4/4/03)


Robert George Farndale, married 11 August 1934 at Bradford District, to Winifred Sibley at St Augustine, Bradford. Robert was a french polisher living at 12 Lizard Street, Hall Lane. His father was Henry Farndale, a retired seaman.




Beryl Farndale, born Bradford District, Jun 1936, MSN Sibley (FAR00942).

Robert Farndale, born Dec 1937, Bradford District MSN Sibley (FAR00953).

John Farndale, born 20 August 1940 (Reg: Sep 1940), twin of Peter, Bradford District, MSN Sibley (FAR00966).
Peter Farndale, born 20 August 1940 (Reg: Sep 1940), twin of John, Bradford District, MSN Sibley (FAR00967).
Linda Farndale, born Mar 1947 Bradford District, MSN Sibley (FAR01011).
Stephen Farndale, born Mar 1953 Bradford District, MSN Sibley (FAR01061).






1939 Census, living at 5 Peach Street, Bradford


Robert G Farndale, french polisher


Winifred Farndale (born 9 March 1913, unpaid domestic duties). This was presumably Winifred Farndale (FAR00800A) of Bradford, who must have been his wife.


Beryl Farndale (born 23 March 1936, under school age



Robert George Farndale, born 14 Feb 1909, died at Bradford District aged 69 in Sep 1978.