A young girl who died at the age of 21 and was commemorated by a tea pot given to her by a sea captain


Mary Farndale
24 July 1796 to 31 July 1817 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Mary Farndale, daughter of William & Mary Farndale (FAR00183) baptised, Brotton, 9 October 1796.

www.birdsinthetree.com indicates DOB 24 July 1796

(Brotton PR & IGI)


Mary Farndale of Kilton aged 21, buried, 2 Aug 1817. (Therefore born 1796).

(Brotton PR)

Note from letter from EM Hall; ‘Mary Farndale, sister of George Farndale died at Easby Hall in 1817 aged 21 while staying with her brother. A teapot with her name and a verse on it, given her by sea captain friend who was lost at sea, recalls her memory. George was the eldest son of William and Mary Farndale of Kilton Hall and was born on 1st December 1789’.

Gravestone Old Brotton Churchyard;

‘To the memory of Mary the daughter of William and Mary Farndale who died 31st July 1817 aged 21 years. Also Elizabeth their daughter who died 17th May 1822 aged 18 years.

      ‘Mourn not dear friends of my decease,

       For we with Christ have made our peace,

       Repent in time, make no delay,

       In bloom of life were called away.’

(Mon R)