General Sir Martin Farndale KCB

Master Gunner, St James’ Park

1988 to 1996












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB



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Regimetal committee, 13 November 1987



Visit to 9 (Parachute) Regiment Royakl Horse Artillery, 4 August 1989:



Quarter Guard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     F (Sphinx) Battery fire Royal Salute, Manor Park


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                                                                                                            G Para Battery (Mercer’s Troop)


G Para Battery (Mercer’s Troop)


I Para Battery (Bulls Troop)


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The Officers 7 RHA                                                                                                                                                                                     Adrian Waddell



7 RHA Sergeats’ Mess


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Departure, Lille Barracks


29 Commando Battery Royal Artillery, 1 to 2 June 1989


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Gen Farndale introduced to WO1 (RSM) Gillett by CO, Lt Col AL Moorby RA                                                                              General salute by Regimental Quarter Guard commanded by Sgt Gee


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Recce party deploy to Drake Island                                                                                               Recce party abseil from Lynx



Sea King and Puma helicopters desploy 79 (Kirkee) Cpommando Battery guns onto Drake Island         Gen Farndale and Lt Col Moorby observe FOO parties deploy from Drake Island



148 (Meiktila) Commando Battery FOO party deploy from Sea King into Plymout Soud in a gemini raft                                             NGFO 4 scale the walls on Drake Island


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79 (Kirkee) Commando Battery FOO parties come ashore                                                                                                                                                              Meetig NGFO 4 led by Captain J McCardle RA



Meeting 79 (Kirkee) Commando Battery FOO partry led by Capt S J O’Gorman RA                                                 Meeting Bdr Lightfoot, 29 (Kirkee) Commando Battery RA


Talking to Bdr Lightfoot’s gun crew                                                                                                                      Meeting the abseil team led by WO2 Porter


Meeting the Puma helicopter crew from 33 Squadron RAF                                          Leaving the Royal Citadel for the Coronation salute on Plymouth Hoe    The RA Band march out


Twenty One gun salute fired by the LBdr leadership course on Plymouth Hoe                                                 RA Band playing on Plymouth Hoe                                                                        Meeting the LBdr leadership course

Presenting Gnr Campbell with best student on the LBdr Leadership Course






Master Gunner Visit to Kelantan, Malaysia, 20 to 21 March 1990



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(Burton Mail, 5 June 1991)                                                                               (The Scotsman, 11 June 1991)                                            (The Scotsman, 28 July 1993)






The Bicetennial Annoversary of the Royal Horse Artillery, Woolwich, 3 August 1993



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(The Scotsman, 4 August 1993)












                                                                                                                    The Times, 4 August 1993








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(Daily Post, 26 September 1994)

A historical document from 1969




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(Paisley Daily Express, 6 June 1996)



Farewell as Master Gunner




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The Portrait by Joan Wanklyn as Master Gunner which now hangs at Larkhill