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On this page we look at themes which have dominated the Farndalesí history







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The Farndale Directory


Alphabetical list of Farndales by date of birth

Farndale Themes


Themes of Farndale history and social history

Farndale History


Historical notes and timelines

Particular branches of the family tree


Separate Lines of the Farndale family

Other Information


Research methods

General Sir Martin Farndale KCB


The biography of the originator of this research



Genealogies of other families


Themes relating to the Farndale research


The Military Farndales


Our military ancestors.


Farndale Pioneers


Our ancestors who emigrated out of Farndale and ultimately across the globe.


Farndales and agriculture


Our farming ancestors.


Farndales and mining


Our mining ancestors.


Farndales and the sea


Farndale Sailors.


Farndale geography


A geographical perspective of the Farndales.


The law makers v the law breakers


From policemen to poachers.



Themes relating to relevant social history




What education could our Farndale ancestors expect?




Some Farndales are described as Yeomen




A final miscellany


HMS Farndale, a Type II, Hunt-class Escort Destroyer in World War II - For more information on this website about HMS Farndale, click here


The Farndale Cocktail


The Farndale Hearse


The Farndale Hob


John Farndale the pseudonym author