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This page provides a gazetteer of those places associated with the Farndale family. The locations are arranged by concentrically widening the spread from our ancestral home around the North Yorkshire Moors. Click on locations to explore the history of those locations and also those members of our family, and family lines, associated with each location.


The valley of Farndale

The Cradle of the Farndale family is the North Yorkshire moors, originating in the valley of Farndale itself. The first mention of Farndale was in the chartulary of Rievaulx.


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Emigrations southward

Those who first described themselves as de Farndale, were those adventurous and pioneering soles, who ventured out to new places. The Farndale family come from a stock of pioneers and adventurers. At first they ventured south to Pickering, York, Doncaster and Sheriff Hutton.


The Farndales of Cleveland


In the mid sixteenth century, the family ventured north of the North York Moors and became focused around Cleveland. If there is a town in the early recorded history of the modern Farndales, which is focal to the history of the Farndale family, it is Kilton.


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We donít find any evidence of Farndales in Cleveland before 1572. After 1572, we find almost all Farndales, and all Farndales who are ancestors of the Kilton lines from which I and most others descend, in Cleveland. So we have to explain how the Farndales who had become concentrated solely south of the North York Moors before the first record in 1572, came to move into Cleveland, such that they were predominantly clustered north of the North York Moors after 1572.

It is believed that Nicholas Farndale (FAR00059) and Agnes Farndale (FAR00060), who both died in Kirkleatham, were born in Campsall or thereabouts, around Doncaster, perhaps in about 1512 and 1516 respectively. If so, they were likely descended from William Farndale (FAR00038), the Vicar of Doncaster, or at least from his wider family (his brother perhaps).William Farndale junior (FAR00063) was born in say 1538, and Jean Farndale (FAR00064) in say 1540 to Nicholas and Agnes. William Farndale married Mary Atkinson at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Campsall in 1564. Between 1564 and 1567, the family moved to Kirkleatham. We donít know why. Maybe that was Agnesí ancestral home. Perhaps more likely Jean had met Richard Fairly, a relatively well established fellow, whose family were Scottish, but who had more recently become associated with Cleveland and Kirkleatham. Perhaps the family saw opportunities by a move north. On 16 October 1567, Jean married Richard Fairley in Kirkleatham. The family lived generally at Kirkleatham until Nicholas and Anneís death in 1572 and 1586, though William had by then realigned slightly eastward, to Skelton. This established the family tree for the Doncaster-Kirkleatham-Skelton Line of Farndales.

The family started to be associated with the Cleveland towns and villages of Boosbeck, Brotton, Coatham, near Charltons, Great Ayton, Guisborough, especially at Kilton, Kirkleatham, Liverton, Loftus, Lythe, Middlesborough, Moorsholm, Redcar, Saltburn by the Sea, Skelton, Stokesley, Tidkinhow and Whitby.

Two Farndale families emerged around Scarborough.


By 1733, a large group of the family emerged around Ampleforth. See also Huttons Ambo.


The Rest of Yorkshire and Durham


Families then emerged at Bedale, Bradford, Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool, Leeds, Middleham, Northallerton, Stockton, Wakefield and Wensleydale.



Leyburn and Wensley, the heart of the Wensleydale family


Northern England


Other Farndale family groups could be found in Carlisle, Cockermouth and Newcastle (especially Jarrow and South Shields).


Southern England

Inevitably families emigrated to London and to West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.


Emigration overseas

From the mid eighteenth century, some members of the family emigrated to Australia, Canada (Ontario, Newfoundland and Alberta around Huxley, Three Hills, and Trochu), USA, and New Zealand.


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Map showing key Farndale emigrations.




The Tidkinhow Line became associated with Alberta, and particularly Huxley, Three Hills and Trochu.


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The Newfoundland Farndales found home in Newfoundland.


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The Ontario Farndales and The Second Branch of the Ontario Farndales found home in Ontario, especially around Oshawa.


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The American Farndales became associated with California, Chicago, Dallas, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, and New York,




The Australian Farndales became associated with Birregurra, Geelong and Melbourne.


New Zealand


The New Zealand Farndales and the New Zealand 2 Line became associated with parts of New Zealand.




Keith Farndale, of the Newfoundland Line, has retired to the interior of Mexico.