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John Farndale emigrated to Ontario in 1870 and this page tells the story of his descendants




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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB




The family of John Farndale who emigrated to Ontario were the Ontario 1 Line


John George Farndale (FAR00337) son of John & Martha Farndale (FAR00217) of Skelton Barnes, baptised, Skelton.
Military Service;

John George Farndale, a soldier in The Crimea. See letters. Aged about 17.


John George Farndale, went to Canada in 1870 and there is an un-substantiated story that he went to Australia first. He lived the rest of his life in Ontario Canada.

John George Farndale visited England twice in 1890 and in 1901. See Letters.


John George Farndale, aged 33, (must have been 43?), a Methodist, son of John and Martha Farndale, of Yorkshire, England (FAR00217), married Elizabeth Sanderson aged 27, a Methodist, daughter of Richard and Martha Sanderson of Vaughan, Ontario, at Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, on 24th March 1880. Witnesses Thomas and Jane Sanderson. The Rev J Thompson officiated.



Charles Farndale, born Ontario in 1881 (FAR00572). Farmer, Melton, Ontario

George Farndale, born Ontario in 1882 (FAR00580).

Albert Farndale, born Ontario 1884 (FAR00598).

Mark Farndale, born Ontario 1885 (FAR00603).

Martha Teresa Farndale, born Ontario 1887 (FAR00624).

Ann Maria Farndale, born Ontario 1889 (FAR00636).


John George Farndale, died on 21st February 1909 at Chinquacousy, Ontario aged 72, a widower, farm labourer of Yorkshire, England.


John George Farndale, buried at Brampton Cemetery, Ontario with his wife Elizabeth and his daughter Martha Teresa, who died on 7th January 1986, aged 99, a spinster.




This photograph is of John George Farndale and his family taken in about 1887 in Canada - his family left to right are George, Teresa, Mark, Charles and Albert



Wedding of Charles Farndale, son of John George, to Mabel Pugh in Canada in 1914




Clarence Edward Farndale RCN and Gordon Farndale RCAF, sons of Charles Farndale, on board Edward's corvette in 1944



CPO Clarence Edward Farndale RCN 1960                                                      Gordon Farndale RCAF 1944



Clarence Edward ("Ed") Farndale with his wife Virginia at their house in Nova Scotia Canada in 1985


Gordon Farndale and Audrey McKelvie (nee Farndale) daughter of Mark Farndale) in about 1972






The ancestry of the Ontario Farndales:


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


John Farndale, (FAR00116), 1680-1757


John Farndale ("Old Farndale" of Kilton), (FAR00143), 1724-1807


William Farndale, (FAR00183), 1760-?



John Farndale, (FAR00217), 1790-1878



John Farndale (FAR00337), 1836-1909 (emigrated to Ontario in about 1870)





Charles Farndale, 1881- 1928 (FAR00572)          George Farndale, 1882- (FAR00580)         Albert Farndale, 1884- (FAR00598)              Mark Farndale, 1885- (FAR00603)                Martha Farndale, 1887- (FAR00624)                Ann Farndale, 1889 - (FAR00636)





Clarence Farndale (Ed), b 1918     Gordon Farndale      Bessie, b and d, 1922