Alfred Geoffrey (Geoff) Farndale

10 April 1932

The Wensleydale Line










 Farmed at Gale Bank, Wensleydale 


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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB










Alfred Geoffrey Farndale, MSN Baker, born Alberta Canada son of Alfred and Margaret Louisa (nee Baker ) Farndale (FAR00683).     



Alfred Geoffrey Farndale, came to England in 1935 and lived and went to School in Yorkshire. Farmed at Gale Bank Farm Wensley.



Alfred Geoffrey Farndale, married Barbara White Sep 1961 Northallerton District.



Christine Barbara Farndale, born November 1962 (FAR01119).

Nigel Geoffrey Farndale, born September 1964 (FAR01130).
















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Geoffrey’s family in about 1986


                            Nigel                               Barbara                     Christine                              Geoff




                                     Geoff                                                                             Martin


                                        Anne                      Alfred                                   Peggy                               Margot


At Gale Bank in about 1986






 Gale Bank Farm