A painter, farmer and then master mariner in Whitby who died aged 35.


John Christopher Farndale
3 January 1802 (Baptised) to 5 February 1837 (Buried)

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John Christopher son of John Farndale (FAR00198) baptised, Loftus. Baptised 3 January 1802. There is a separate recor which shows he was born on 3 January 1802, but as he was certainly baptised that day, it seems more likely he was born prior to that, probably at the very end of 1801.

(Loftus PR & IGI)


John Christopher Farndale, bachelor, painter and Ann Ling, both of Whitby Parish married, Whitby by banns, 24 Feb 1825.Witnesses Christopher Harland and Ralph Greenberry. (ie John aged 23).

(Whitby PR & IGI)


William Farndale, son of John Christopher and Ann Farndale, painter, baptised 17 Nov 1825, born 11 Nov 1825 (FAR00289).

Thomas Farndale, son of John Christopher and Ann Farndale, painter of Whitby baptised 3 Mar 1828 (FAR00300).

John Christopher Farndale, son of John Christopher and Ann Farndale, painter, baptised Whitby 10 Nov 1830, born 18 Oct 1830 (FAR00308).

Mary Ann Farndale, daughter of John Christopher and Ann Farndale, baptised Whitby 24 Dec 1832, born 26 Sep 1832 (FAR00320).

James Farndale, son of John Christopher and Ann Farndale, farmer, Master Mariner and formerly painter of Cragg Whitby, baptised Whitby 21 Oct 1836, born 24 Oct 1836 (FAR00336).

(Whitby PR)





So John Christopher Farndale was a painter, but by the time of his fifth child, Jamesí birth in 1836 (and also in 1825 when William was born), he was a farmer and Mater Mariner.


John Christopher Farndale of Cragg, Whitby aged 35, buried, Whitby,5 Feb 1837. (Therefore born, 1802). Buried at St Mary Church, Whitby.

(Whitby PR)



John Christopher Farndale of Whitby Ė estate £600. February 1837. Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York, Probate index. Will.


His family after his death


Census 1841 - Whitby Cray;

Ann Farndale, age 45; born in Yorks (ie 1796)

Thomas Farndale, age 13; born in Yorks; (ie 1828) (FAR00300).

John Farndale, age 10; born in Yorks; (ie1831) (FAR00308).

Mary Farndale, age 8; born in Yorks; (ie 1833) (FAR00320).


Census 1851 - St Annís, Snaith, Whitby;

Ann Farndale, head; age 55; painterís widow; born Whitby; (ie 1796).

Thomas Farndale, son; age 23; u/m; shipbroker clerk; born Whitby; (ie 1828) (FAR00300).

Mary Farndale, dau; age 18; u/m; shawl and bonnet maker; born Whitby, (ie 1833) (FAR00320).


Isaac Harland; nephew; age 13; u/m; scholar.



1861 Census Ė 8 George Street, Ruswarp, Whitby


Ann Farndale, a widow, was head of the household, with Mary Chambers, her daughter aged 25 (Marinerís wife and house lodger), and Sarah Ann Chambers, presumably her granddaughter, aged 7, a scholar

Death of Ann

Ann Farndale, of Guisborough aged 71 buried Brotton 3 Feb 1873.

(Brotton PR)


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