Charles Farndale
17 January 1838 to 18 March 1914

The Kilton 1 Line 



























Took over the faring of Kilton Hall Farm where he farmed 577 acres




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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Charles Farndale, son of John & Martha Farndale (FAR00217) a farmer of Skelton Barns, was baptised on 27 February 1838 at Skelton. He was born on 17 January 1838.

(Skelton PR & IGI)

Charles Farndall recorded as born Guisbro district Reg first quarter 1838

(GRO Vol 24 page 297)


Birth Certificate - Charles Farndale born 17 January 1838 at Skelton. His father was John Farndale and mother was Martha Farndale, formerly Patton. His father was a farmer living at Skelton. The registration was on 17 February 1838.













Charles appears to have taken over Kilton from Martin Farndale (FAR00236) who was his uncle, since Martin had no children of his own. Martin was a farmer at Kilton of 207 acres by 1851, with 98 employees. By then Charles his nephew was also living at Kilton. By 1871, Martin was farming 600 acres at Kilton at the age of 73, with 16 employees. By 1881 Martin had retired and Charles was shown as a farmer of 577 acres with 9 employees. Martin died in 1885 with an estate of £1,625 (which would convert to about £107,000 today) and whilst I have not found a copy of his will, Charles was an executor.


His grandfather, William Farndale pulled down the old Kilton Lodge which was connected with the castle, to build a new house at Kilton. William was a farmer and merchant of wood, rods, coals, and salting bacon. There is reference to Kilton passing from generation to generation this two hundred years. Springing from this roof may be said to be forty Farndales of this last generation.


His father, John, wrote extensively about Kilton.


Charles married Ann Dale in 1872, and they had nine children.


Charles died in March 1914.










Census 1841 - Long Newton, Stockton;

Charles Farndale, age 3; son of John Farndale; born Yorks (ie born1838).




Census 1851 - Kilton:

Charles Farndale, age 13; u/m; nephew to Martin Farndale (FAR00236) born Skelton. (ie born1838).




Census 1861 - Kilton:

Charles Farndale, age 22; u/m; nephew to Martin Farndale (FAR00236) at Kilton Hall Farm; born Skelton. (ie born1839).



Census 1871 - Kilton:

Charles Farndale, head; age 31; farmer; born Skelton, (ie born1840).

Elizabeth Farndale, cousin; age 58; widow; born Whitby (ie born 1813)


Two farm workers



Charles Farndale, married Ann Dale of Danby, second quarter 1872, Guisborough District.




John Martin Farndale, son born Mar 1873 (FAR00520). died age 3.

William Farndale, son; born Kilton; (born 1875) (FAR00531).

George Farndale, son; born Kilton; (born 1876) (FAR00540).

Mary Farndale, daughter; born Kilton; (born 1878) (FAR00560).

Grace Farndale, daughter; born Kilton; (1880) (FAR00566).

Albert Farndale, son; born Kilton. (ie born 1882) (FAR00574). (PR)

Ernest Farndale, son of Charles and Ann Farndale of Kilton, baptised Kilton Jun 1883 (FAR00589).

Sophia Farndale, daughter; born Kilton. (ie born 1887) (FAR00601A).




Census 1881 - Kilton Hall Farm:

Martin Farndale, head; widower; age 82; Retired Farmer; born Kilton (ie born 1799).

Charles Farndale, head; marr; age 42; farmer; 577 acres, employer of 9 (7 labourers and two boys); born Skelton, (ie born1839).

Ann Farndale, wife; marr; age 32; born Danby. (ie born 1849).

William Farndale, son; age 5; born Kilton; (ie born 1875) (FAR00531).

George Farndale, son; age 4; born Kilton; (ie born 1876) (FAR00540).

Mary E Farndale, daughter; age 3 ; b Kilton; (ie born 1878) (FAR00560).

Grace Farndale, daughter; age 0; b Kilton; (1880) (FAR00566).


Three farm servants, a domestic servant and nurse.


Census 1891 - Kilton Hall Farm:

Charles Farndale, head; marr; age 50; born Skelton (ie born 1841).

Ann Farndale, wife; marr; age 43; born Danby, (ie born 1848).

William Farndale, son; u/m; age 15; born Kilton. (ie born1875) (FAR00531).

George Farndale, son; u/m; age 14; born Kilton. (ie born 1876) (FAR00540).

Mary Farndale, daughter; u/m; age 13; born Kilton. (ie born1878) (FAR00560).

Grace Farndale, daughter; u/m; age 10; born Kilton, (ie born1880) (FAR00566).

Albert Farndale, son; u/m; age 9; born Kilton. (ie born 1882) (FAR00574).

Ernest Farndale, son of Charles and Ann Farndale of Kilton, baptised Kilton Jun 1883 (FAR00589).

Sophia Farndale, daughter; u/m; age 4; born Kilton. (ie born 1887) (FAR00601A).



1901 Census, Stank House, Kilton estate

Charles Farndale, head; farmer; age 63; born Skelton.

Ann Farndale, wife; age 53; born Danby.

George Farndale, farmer’s son, age 24; born Kilton.(FAR00540).

Mary C Farndale, daughter; age 23; born Kilton. (FAR00560).

Grace Farndale, daughter; age 20; born Kilton, (FAR00566).

Albert Farndale, son; age 19; born Kilton. (FAR00574). Architect pupil.

Sophia Farndale, daughter; age 16; born Kilton. (FAR00601A).


Also John Featherstone and John Holliday, servants, horsemen.



1911 Census – Stank House, Brotton


Charles Farndale, 73, farmer

Ann Farndale, 63

George Farndale, farmer’s son and partner, 34

Mary E Farndale, 33, farmer’s daughter, dairywork

Grace Farndale, farmer’s daughter, dairywork

Albert Farndale, architect

Two others working on farm


Methodism in Cleveland, The Methodist Recorder 17 April 1902


For very many years services have been held in the spacious farm kitchen of Mr C Farndale, Kilton Lodge, which was also that of his father before him.


Methodism in the neighbourhood, and the cause of righteousness generally, owes much to the high Christian character and active interest in all good works displayed by this devoted Methodist family.”






Charles Farndale, of Kilton Lodge died age 76 and was buried at Brotton on 21 March 1914.


His burial was taken under the Burials Amendment Act 1880 by Rev William Taggart, Wesleyan Minister.


Before 1880 no body could be buried in consecrated ground except with the service of the Church, which the incumbent of the parish or a person authorized by him was bound to perform; but the canons and prayer-book refused the use of the office for excommunicated persons, for some grievous and notorious crime, and no person able to testify of his repentance, unbaptised persons, and persons against whom a verdict of felo de se had been found. But by the Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880, the bodies of persons entitled to be buried in parochial burial grounds, whether churchyards or graveyards, may be buried there, on proper notice being given to the minister, without the performance of the service of the Church of England, and either without any religious service or with a Christian and orderly religious service at the grave, which may be conducted by any person invited to do so by the person in charge of the funeral. The Act also allowed the use of the Church of England Burial service on unconsecrated ground.


There are a few entries under the 1880 Act. I can’t think of any reason other than perhaps the denomination of the Minister conducting the service.


Gravestone Brotton Churchyard Census 1985:

‘In loving memory of Charles Farndale, Kilton Lodge, died March 18th 1914 aged 76. Also his beloved wife Ann died March 24th 1934 aged 86.’ years.

(Mon R)


After he died


1921 Census - Kilton Lodge


Mary E Farndale, 43, single, home duties. Born Kilton

Grace Farndale, sister, 41, home duties

Assistants on the ‘Farndale Farm’.





























Kilton Lodge Farm in about 1920




Buck Rush Farm about 1912 (it was part of Kilton Lodge Farm under Charles Farndale)




Four sisters perhaps at time of Charles' family at Kilton Lodge about 1890



A group of people posing for a photo

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Kilton Tea Party about 1910


Mrs Ann Farndale, Charles Farndale, visiting vicar, Vincent Grainger (who worked on the farm) and Grace Farndale



A vintage photo of a group of people posing for the camera

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Picnic at Kilton Lodge about 1908.

Vincent Grainger, Ann and Charles Farndale, George Farndale, Grace Farndale, ? and Mary or Sophie Farndale


A group of people posing for a photo

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Kilton Lodge about 1910


Back row: ?, George Farndale, ?, Grace Farndale, Charles Farndale

Front row: Ann Farndale, ?, ?, ?, Vincent Grainger


A vintage photo of a person in a suit and tie

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Vincent Grainger aged 16                                                     Vincent Grainger August 1985 (aged 93)

Vincent Grainger worked on the farm at Kilton Lodge as a member of the family