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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB







Marianne Hall (1 August 1869 to 16 May 1908)


Marianne (nee Hall) Baker




Marianne Hall was born on 1 August 1869 at Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire


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Marianne Hall in the late 1870s



Marianne Hall (1) with ‘Geoff’ and myself and (2) with her father, James Baker (“Daddy, the Pony and myself”) from her photo album. 1870s?



“Peggy and me” – Marianne Hall and her pony and a horse drawn thrashing machine from her photo album. 1870s?




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Marianne Hall perhaps in the early 1880s



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Dignity and Innocence, drawn by Marianne Hall

(The Picture now hangs in her grand-daughter Margot’s House)




Marianne Hall (1869 to 1908) married Arthur Baker (1860 to 29 April 1916) at Nantwich in 1898





Hilda Marianne Baker (1899 to *)

Margaret Louisa Baker (Peggy) (1901 to 1996)

Geoffrey Richard Baker (1904 to 1974)




1901 census – Swanbach Villa, Audlem


Arthur Baker, 41, living on own means

Marianne Baker, 31, his wife

Hilda Marian Baker, 1

Margaret Louisa Baker, 1 month

Maude Whiston, their servant


1911 Census – Swanbach Villa, Audlem, Cheshire


Arthur Baker, 51, private means

Marianne Baker, 38

Hilda Marian Baker, 11

Margaret Louisa Baker, 10

Geoffrey Richard Baker, 6

Mary Alice Baker, 38, housekeeper

Two servants


She taught at the Cox Bank Church Sunday School.




Marianne Baker of Swanbach Villa, Audlem, Cheshire, died on 16 May 1908.



Probate, 28 July 1908. Chester. Granted to Arthur Baker, gentleman. Effects £1624 5s 5d.

































































































































The Baker Family

James Hall (30 January 1838 to 1920)


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James Hall                                                              James Hall with his daughter Marianne




James Hall was born on 30 January 1838 at Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.


James Hall baptised on 16 March 1838 at St Giles, Newcastle under Lyme, son of Henry and Elizabeth (nee Godwin) Hall, timber merchant.




In 1841, 1851 and 1861 he lived at Newcastle Under Lyme.



Married 1


He married Mary Twigg (1838 to 1914) on 20 September 1864 at Baswich, Stafford.


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Believed to be Mary (nee Twigg) Hall


Margot Atkinson (Marianne Hall’s granddaughter and James Hall’s great granddaughter) remembers a family visiting at Gale Bank Farm when Margot was about 12. The father was a parson, and one of the boys had bright ginger hair. She remembers that they were from the Twigg family.




Catherine Alice Hall 1865 to 1957

James Henry Hall 1866 to 1873

Arthur John Hall 1868 to 1934 (became a Lieutenant Colonel)

Marianne Hall 1869 to 1908

Robert Hugh Hall 1870 to 1940




On 2 April 1871, he was a timber merchant living at Queen Street, Newcastle under Lyme


In 1881, he lived at Stoke on Trent.


On 5 April 1891, he was a timber merchant living at Kynsal Lodge, Buerton, Cheshire


When Marianne’s husband Arthur Baker died in 1916, his executor was Arthur John Hall esquire a lieutenant colonel in His Majesty’s Army.


In 1901 he lived at Buerton, Cheshire


Aunty Katie (believed to be Mary Twigg’s sister TBC) and Marjory (believed to be Marjory Twigg who appears visiting in the 1911 census)

From the album of Marianne Hall (later Marianne Baker). Probably early 1900s.


1911 Census Kynsal Lodge, Buerton, Cheshire


James Hall, 73, no occupation, private means

Mary Hall, 72

Marjorie Twigg, visitor

Two servants


Married 2


On 20 June 1916, he married Blanche Mangnall at Chirk, Denbighshire, Wales




He died on 6 February 1920 at Newcastle under Lyme.




























































































I believe it was Henry Hall, whose daughter Catherine Alice, married Charles Cotteril Lynham, known as Sipper Lynham, founder and headmaster of the Dragon School at Oxford.

























Henry Hall (1811 to 23 December 1871)




He was born in about 1811. He was baptised on 10 February 1814 at St Giles, Newcastle Under Lyme.





He married Elizabeth Godwin (1808 to 1879) on 20 November 1832.




Robert Hall, 1833 to 1870

Arthur G Hall, 1835 to 1852

Elizabeth Hall, 1836 to 1899

James Hall, 1838 to 1920

Henry Hall 1839 to 1846

Catherine Ann Hall 1841 to 1844

Alice Hall, 1843 to 1876

Hugh Ford Hall, 1845 to 1852

Mary Hall, 1847 to 1852

Jessie Hall, 1849 to ?





1841 – he lived at Brampton, Newcastle under Lyme


1851 Census – Nelsons Place, Newcastle under Lyme


Henry Hall, 41, Alderman, Timber Merchant

Elizabeth Hall, 42

Robert Hall, 17, timber merchant’s clerk

Arthur G Hall, 16, timber merchant’s clerk

Elizabeth Hall, 14

James Hall, 13

Alice Hall, 7

Hugh F Hall, 6

Mary Hall, 4

Jessie Hall, 1

A cook, house maid and nurse.


In 1861 he lived at Newcastle under Lyme




He died on 23 December 1871 at Newcastle under Lyme.


Probate 13 January 1872, Lichfield.







Robert Hall (1769 to 1845)




Robert was born in Staffordshire in 1769.




Robert married Catherine Eldershaw (1763 to 1838) on 10 July 1791 at Newport, Shropshire.




James Astley Hall 1793 to 1867

Catharine Hall 1806 to 1885

Henry Hall 1811 to 1871




Robert Hall died in about April 1845 at Shifnal, Shropshire






 James Hall (1733 to 1778)




James was born in 1733 at Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. He was baptised on 22 August 1733.




James married Elizabeth Astley (1735 to 1814) on 5 July 1767 at Newcastle under Lyme.




Robert Hall 1769 to 1845




James died in 1778 at Newcastle under Lyme





Thomas Hall (1710 to 18 May 1744)




Thomas was born in 1710 at Burslem, Staffordshire. He was baptised on 24 November 1710 at Newcastle under Lyme




Thomas married Mary Sherat (1715 to ?) at St John’s Church, Burslem, Staffordshire in 1735




James Hall 1733 to 1778

John Hall 1739 to 1797




Thomas Hall died on 18 or 19 May 1744 at Burslem, Staffordshire






Thomas Hall (1686 to 9 April 1730)




Thomas was born in 1686 and baptised on 17 January 1686 at Stone, Staffordshire.




Thomas married Elizabeth Tavernor (1686 to ?) on 11 September 1719 at St Michael’s, Stone, Staffordshire.




Thomas Hall 1710 to 1744




Thomas died on 9 April 1730 and was buried at Burslem on 1 April 1730.






Johanis Hall (1651 to 1712)




Johanis was born in 1651 at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire




Johanis married Hester Baddeley (1649 to ?)  on 8 October 1676 at St Michael’s, Stone, Staffordshire




Guliemus Hall 1678 to 1730

Thomas Hall 1686 to 1730

Hanow Hall 1688




Johanis Hall died in 1712 at Stone, Staffordshire.





Robert Hall (1625 to 1707)




Robert Hall was born in or about 1625 at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire




Robert married Dorothea Tooth (1634 to 1703) on 7 April 1647 at Uttoxeter




Johanis Hall 1651 to 1712

Thomas Hall 1659

Nathaniel Hall 1661 to 1739

Jobe Hall 1663

Joshua Hall 1666

Jemimiah Hall 1669

Samuel Hall




Robert Hall died in 1707 and was buried on 21 October 1707 at Uttoxeter







Laurence Hall (? to ?)




Laurence was born in Staffordshire




Laurence married Dorothie




Isabel Hall 1603

Katherin Hall 1607 to 1638

Thomas Hall 1609

Robert Hall 1626 to 1707