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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB



Thomas Farndale was a Miner in Bishop Auckland, who had a son, but died at the age of 32.




The Kilton 1 Line










Thomas Farndale

17 February 1822 to 28 March 1854

Married Isabella Bowes

Miner in Bishop Auckland. Bishop Auckland, Kilton, Easby











William Farndale

Born 1851

Married Jane Gale

A footman of Hutton Ambro (he is probably the same person as FAR00366) and later a labourer in a wine vault

Stockton, Hutton Ambro, Auckland











The Stockton 3 Line





The Bishop Auckland 1 Line can trace directly back to 1512 from Thomas Farndale as follows:

George Farndale, (FAR00215), 1790-1858


William Farndale, (FAR00183), 1760-?


John Farndale ("Old Farndale" of Kilton), (FAR00143), 1724-1807


John Farndale, (FAR00116), 1680-1757


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572