The Whitby 3 Line







The family of a master mariner in Whitby





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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB









The Kilton 1 Line































William Farndale

13 July 1743 to 27 April 1777

Married Elizabeth Barry

Master mariner of Whitby

Whitby, Brotton, Skelton




























Abigail Farndale

29 December 1767

Married Thomas Linklater




Elizabeth Farndale

28 October 1769 to 1 September 1797

Spinster who died aged 27

Whitby, Whitby (Lythe)




Robert Farndale

26 October 1772 to 4 June 1796

Ship's Carpenter




























The Linklater Family



























The Whitby 3 Line can trace directly back to 1512 from William Farndale as follows:

William Farndale (FAR00130), 1708 1762


John Farndale (FAR00116), 1680 1757


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572