Wheelwright and cartwright


William Farndale
17 August 1777 to 2 October 1863

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William Farndale, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00149) baptised Brotton

(Brotton PR & IGI)


When William Farndale was born in 1777 in Kilton, Yorkshire, his father, Samuel, was 42 and his mother, Elizabeth nee Hutton, was 27


William Farndale of the Parish of Guisborough a bachelor and Mary Davidson of this (Ormsby) Parish were married by licence at Ormsby St Cuthbert’s Church, January 20th 1810. (Was it this William aged 33? No further mention of a family or a wife). Almost certainly son of Samuel Farndale (FAR00149).

(Ormsby PR)


William Farndale, wheelwright, living at Nunthorpe in the Parish of Guisborough in 1822 and 1823.

(Baines Directory)

Census 1841 – Pinchingthorpe (west of Guisborough)

William Farndale, age 50 cartwright, born in Yorkshire. (Age wrong, but it is the right person see below).

Joseph Farndale (FAR00228), age 13 living with him, born in Yorkshire (…).

Census 1851 - Pinchingthorpe:

William Farndale, Head; u/m; age 70 cartwright.

Census 1861 - Great Ayton, Top Garth;

William Farndale, u/m age 84; rtd joiner; born Kilton Thorpe border with Joseph and Mary Farndale (FAR00228) of Top Garth Great Ayton.


He died on 2 October 1863 having lived a long life of 86 years


William Farndale aged 86, a joiner of Guisborough, died of old age on 2 Oct 1863. William Wilkinson present at the death.(Therefore born 1777).


William Farndale of Guisborough buried, Guisborough aged 86 on 5 Oct 1863.


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