Tile maker, ironstone worker and then brick-layer of Middlesborough


George Farndale
15 April 1820 to 25 December 1891 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





George Farndale, son of George & Mary Farndale (FAR00215) of Easby, farmer, baptised Great Ayton.

(Stokesley PR & IGI)




Census 1841 - Stokesley:

George Farndale, age 20; tile maker; born in Yorks (about 1821).



George Farndale of full age, bachelor, servant of Tilesheads, Marton, son of George Farndale farmer (FAR00215) married Mary Bell of full age, spinster, servant of Tilesheads, Marton, daughter of Thomas Bell, labourer, at the Church of Marton, on 27 Sep 1845. (George was 25). Both made their mark. Witnesses Thomas Orde and John Harpley. Robert Fawcitt, Vicar.





Census 1841, Stokesley


George Farndale is listed as ‘south of the River Leven with Thomas (a bleacher) and Ann Bovill (both aged 75). George is aged 20 and his occupation was a tile maker.





Census 1851 - Stranto (West Hartlepool):

George Farndale, head; marr; age 30, born Stokesley (1821).

Mary Farndale, wife; age 28; born Stokesley (1823).


Census 1861 - Short Street, Middlesborough:

George Farndale, head; marr; age 40; ironstone worker; born Marton (1821).

Mary Farndale, wife; age 37; born Whitby ? (1824).


Bessy Armstrong, niece; age 10; born Stanton, County Durham. [Note; ‘Armstrong’ is the maiden name of George’s mother].



Census 1871 - Middlesborough:

George Farndale, head; marr age 50; brick maker; born Easby (1821).

Mary Farndale, wife; marr; age 47; born Whitby (1824).


John George Armstrong, nephew; age 9; b West Hartlepool. [Note; ‘Armstrong is George’s mother’s maiden name].



Census 1881 - 9, Short Street, Middlesborough;

George Farndale, head; marr; age 61; brick-layer; born Stokesley (1820).

Mary Farndale, wife; marr; age 58; born Whitby (1823).


John George Armstrong, nephew, age 20; printer’s compositor; b West Hartlepool.




George Farndale died 25 Dec 1891, aged 70 of hemiplegia 0at, 9 Short Street, Middlesborough a general labourer, Mary Farndale, widow of the deceased was present at the death and signed the death certificate by making her mark.(Therefore born 1821).


























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