Agricultural labourer of Brotton after living at Richmond (Easby) and Middlesborough (Marton) and who was born and died at Kilton


George Farndale
1 December 1789 to 8 May 1858 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





George Farndale, son of William Farndale (FAR00183) of Kilton & Mary his wife baptised Brotton.


Born 1 December 1789 and baptised 31 January 1790.

(Brotton PR & IGI)


George Farndale of the Parish of Stokesley and Mary Armstrong also of this parish were married in this Church by licence with consent of parents, this 22nd day of November in the year one thousand eight hundred .and sixteen.’ This marriage was solemnized between us, George Farndale and Mary Armstrong in the presence of Betsey Bovill, Jane Hird, Mary Farndale, (mother?) John Farndale, (brother?) James Eason, David Hird, Mary Walker and William Farndale (Father?). (Note; Mary was born about 1794 at Stokesly)

(Stokesley PR)

Authority to marry a minor:

The twenty first day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and sixteen. On which day appeared personally George Farndale of the Parish of Stokesley in the County of York and, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists, alleged and made Oath as follows, That he is of age of twenty one years and upwards and a bachelor and intends to marry Mary Armstrong of the same place aged twenty years and upwards and a spinster with the consent of Ann Bovill the natural and lawful mother of the said minor (she having expressed her consent before James Easom and Adam Hind, not knowing or believing any lawful let or impediment by Reason of Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other Cause whatsoever, to hinder the said intended marriage; And he prayed a Licence to Solemnise the said Marriage in the Parish Church of Stokesley in the County of York aforesaid, in which said Parish the said George Farndale further made Oath, That she the said Mary Armstrong hath had her usual abode for the space of four weeks last past;



                                                George Farndale.

                                   On the same Day the said

                                   [Signed] George Farndale

                                   was sworn before me

                                   [Signed] Thomas Simpson,


On the same Day appeared personally James Easom of the Parish of Stokesley in the County of York, Flaxdresser, and Adam Hind of the Parish of Kirkby in the said County, Tailor, and having been sworn on the Holy Evangelists, severally, made Oath that Ann Bovill, late Armstrong, the mother of the aforesaid Minor is consenting unto the above said intended marriage.


                                          Signed, James Easom

                                                      Adam Hind.

The same Day the said James Easom & Adam Hind were sworn before me Thomas Simpson, Surrogate.

Marriage Licence

Know all Men by these Presents That we, George Farndale of the Parish of Stokesley in the County of York, Farmer, James Eason of the Parish of Stokesley, Flaxdresser and Adam Hind of the Parish of Kirkby in the aforesaid County,Tailor, are bound and firmly obliged to the Right Worshipful Osborne Markham, Master of the Vicar General and Official Principal of the Most Reverend Father in God, Edward by Divine Providence, Lord Archbishop of York, Primate of

England and Metropolitan lawfully authorised in the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain to be paid to him the said Osborne Markham, Master of the Acts, or to his Executors, Administrators, Successors and Assigns, for the payment whereof well and truly made, we oblige ourselves, each of us ourselves, for the Whole and the Full, our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, firmly by these Presents, sealed with our Seals. Given the twenty first Day of the Month of November in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight hundred and Sixteen.

The condition of this Obligation is such; That if the above bounden George Farndale and Mary Armstrong now licenced to be married together, be neither of Consanguinity or Affinity the one to the other, within the Degrees prohibited for Marriage: If also there be no other Lett, Impediment, or lawful Cause Whatsoever, but that they may be lawfully married together, both by the Laws of God and this land: if the Persons whose Consent is required by Law in this Behalf, be thereunto agreeing; And lastly, if the said Marriage be done and solemnised in such manner, as in the Licence to them granted is limited, then this Obligation to be void, or else to remain in full Force and Virtue.

                                            Sealed and Delivered

                                            in the Presence of

                                  [Signed] Thomas Simpson,


                                                                               [Signed] George Farndale

James Easom

Adam Hind




William Farndale, born Easby 30 Jan 1817 (FAR00260).

Martin Farndale, born Easby 17 Oct 1817 (FAR00264)

Ann Farndale, born Easby 22 Dec 1819 (FAR00269).

George Farndale, born Easby 15 Apr1820 (FAR00271).

Thomas Farndale, born Easby 17 Feb 1822 (FAR00280)

John Farndale, born Easby 8 Feb 1824 (FAR00287)

Matthew Farndale, born Marton 22 Jul 1828 (FAR00297)

Robert Farndale, born Marton 16 May1830 (FAR00307)

(Stokesley PR)



Witness to marriage:

George Mills and Grace Frankland, both of Brotton were married on 17 Sep 1812. Witnesses were Mary Farndale, Mary Mills, John Wilkinson and George Farndale. (Note: Goerge’s younger sister, Mary, had married John Frankland in 1785. George was not yet married. (Brotton PR)

Between 1816 to about 1840, George lived at Easby Hall




Easby Hall (photographs taken by Martin Farndale on a visit in the 1980s)



Census 1841 - Brotton:

George Farndale, age 50; Ag Lab; born in Yorks; (ie 1791) (But what has happened to his wife and family; was he ill, see his father’s will?).

Census 1851 - Kilton

George Farndale, age 60, widower, agricultural labourer, born Kilton; (ie born 1791). He was living with his brother Martin Farndale (FAR00236) and his wife Elizabeth, a farmer of 207 acres




George Farndale aged 68 years, farmer died of pneumonia and effusion of fluid in the ventricle of the brain at Kilton, 8 May 1858; Joseph Newbigin present at the death. Registered Guisbro’ District 9 May 1858. He was buried on 11 Nov 1858 in Brotton old churchyard. Agricultural labourer of indicates death 8 May 1858

Gravestone Old Brotton Churchyard;

To the memory of George Farndale the son of William and Mary Farndale who died May 8th 1858 aged 68 years.




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Easby is south east of Richmond


Marton is now in southern Middlesborough