Farmer of Kilton of 200 acres and later 600 acres


Martin Farndale
11 August 1798 to 22 June 1885 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Martin Farndale, son of William & Mary Farndale (FAR00183) of Kilton, farmer, baptised Brotton, 11 Sep 1798; born 11 August 1798.

(Brotton PR & IGI) indicates DOB 24 July 1798


Yorkshire Baptisms entry shows Martin, son of William and Mary Farndale, was born on 11 August 1798 and baptised on 11 September 1798. His abode was Kilton and his father was a farmer. The baptism was performed by Rev James Harrison, Curate.


Martin Farndale married Elizabeth Hours at the Chapel, Brotton, on 18 May 1833; witness, Ann Farndale, Mary Hours and John Rigg.’ (ie aged 35).
(Brotton PR & IGI)








From White’s History, Gazetteer and Directory for 1840 for Yorkshire, East and West Ridings:


KILTON, a small neat village, 6 miles NE by E of Guisborough, has in its township 80 inhabitants and 1,510 acres of land, all the property and lordship of John Wharton Esq and formerly belonging to the ancient family of Thweng, who had a castle here, of which some traces still remain. Directory: Jph Newbegin, vict; Thos Robson, miller; and Matthew and Martin Farndale, George Jennings, George Moore, Thomas Raw & Joseph Thompson, farmers.


Census - 1841 - Stank House, Kilton;


Martin Farndale, 40, Farmer, born in Yorks (ie 1796 -1801).

Elizabeth Farndale, 35, born in Yorks (ie 1801 - 1806).

Anne Maria Farndale, 6, born in Yorks, ie1835 (FAR00334) (niece and daughter of his brother John (FAR00217).

The following list is an extract of the official statement of sums levied for the relief of the poor in 27 parishes of the Guisborough Union during the year ending March 1843:




The York Herald on 8 April 1843 listed Martin Farndale of Kilton as the new Parish overseer appointed for the present year.


An overseer of the poor was an official who administered poor relief such as money, food, and clothing in England. The position was created by the Act for the Relief of the Poor 1597. Overseers of the poor were often reluctant appointees who were unpaid, working under the supervision of a justice of the peace. The law required two overseers to be elected every Easter, and churchwardens or landowners were often selected. Overseers of the poor were replaced in the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, and replaced with boards of guardians, although overseers remained in some places as a method of collecting the poor rate


Census - 1851 - Kilton;

Martin Farndale, head, 50, marr, born Kilton, Farmer 207 acres, 8 employees. Signed Census as enumerator for Kilton 1 Apr 1851. (ie b 1801)

Elizabeth Farndale, 45, marr, born Wakefield, Wife. (ie born 1806).

George Farndale, 60, widower, born Kilton, ag lab, brother. (ie born 1791) (his brother - FAR00215).

Maria Farndale, 15, u/m, born Skelton, niece. (ie born 1836) (FAR00334).

Charles Farndale,13 (FAR00341), u/m, born Skelton nephew (son of his brother John (FAR00217)), (ie born 1838).


Jane Hobson aged 30 servant;

Thomas Richardson aged 22 waggoner;

George Collingwood aged 19 ploughman:

James Mudd aged 12, ploughboy.

‘Churchwarden’s Accounts, Kilton 1836; To James Hours & Martin Farndale for 3 drafts, one day each leading stones from the Beck Meetings 7s each £1.1s.0d.’

(Brotton PR)


Electoral Register for 1861: Martin Farndale, occupier of a farm at Kilton

Census 1861 - Kilton Hall Farm, Kilton;




Martin Farndale, head; age 60; farmer; 210 acres, 8 employees born Kilton (1801).

Elizabeth Farndale, wife age 55; born Wooler; (ie 1806).

Maria Farndale, niece; age 25; born Skelton; (ie 1836) (FAR00334).

Charles Farndale, nephew; age 22; born Skelton; (ie 1838) (FAR00341)

Terrier Lists Martin Farndale as Churchwarden at Brotton, in 1861.’


Census 1871 - Kilton Hall Farm, Kilton:

Martin Farndale, head; Marr; age 71 (note that he was actually aged 73 in 1871); farmer; 600 acres 16 employees; born Kilton; (ie 1800).

Elizabeth Farndale, wife; marr; age 66; born Kirkleatham (ie 1807).

Matthew Farndale (FAR00383)., u/m; age 22; servant; born Skelton, nephew (son of the late Martin Farndale (FAR00264), son of his brother George (FAR00215) (ie 1843)



In Kelly’s Post Office Directory of 1872:


Kilton is a township, 6 miles north east by eat of Guisborough, and one south from Brotton. Here was formerly a castle of which but few traces remain. Here are church schools, recently erected and supported by John Thomas Wharton esq who is lord of the manor and landowner. The population in 1861 was 93; in 1871, 222; acreage 1,723; gross estimated rental £1,731; rateable value £1,593.


Kilton – commercial:


Farndale, Martin & Charles, farmers

Garbutt, John, miller, Kilton hill

Judson, William, farmer, Stank House

Kilton Iron Stone Co

Porritt, John, farmer, Buckrush

Wood Thomas, farmer, Greenhow



In 1877 his services were recognised as a Guardian of 38 years since the inception of the Guisborough Board of Guardians:


(From the Yorkshire Gazette, 27 October 1877)



In the Leeds Mercury on 1 November 1878: “Pleuro-pneumonia in Cleveland. Pleuro-pneumonia has broken out on the farm of Mr Martin Farndale, at Brotton-in-Cleveland. One cow has been killed and buried. The farm has been officially declared to be an infected district.”

Census 1881 - Kilton Hall Farm, Kilton;

Martin Farndale, head; widower; age 82; retired farmer; born Kilton (ie 1799).

Charles Farndale, marr; age 42; farmer; 577 acres, employees 9; born Skelton (1838) (FAR00341)

Ann Farndale, wife of Charles; age 32; born Danby; (ie 1843).

William Farndale, son of Charles; age 5; born Kilton (ie 1876) (FAR00531).

George Farndale, son of Charles; age 4; born Kilton (ie 1877) (FAR00540).

Mary Farndale, daughter of Charles; age 3; born Kilton (1878) (FAR00560).

Grace Farndale, daughter of Charles; age 2, born Kilton (1879) (FAR00566).

Register of Voters 1837 -1875:

With 1852 and 1867 missing all the rest show:

Martin Farndale, Kilton; occupier of farm.

(Brotton PR)


Elizabeth Farndale of Kilton aged 72 buried at Brotton 23 Feb 1877.


Martin Farndale died a farmer of Kilton of chronic bronchitis and senile debility aged 86, on 22 Jun 1885; Charles Farndale, nephew was present at the death at Kilton.

Martin Farndale buried, Brotton aged 86, 25 Jun 1885. James Bell, the Rector performed the ceremony.

(Brotton PR)

Gravestone Brotton Old Churchyard;

‘To the memory of Elizabeth the dearly loved wife of Martin Farndale of Kilton. Born 24th August 1805 and died 20th February 1877. Also Martin Farndale who died 22nd June 1885 aged 86 years.’

    ‘They were friends to others with Christ

                   which is far better.’

(Mon R)


Martin Farndale. Personal Estate £1,625 2s 6d. 21 December 1885.The will of Martin Farndale late of Kilton in Cleveland in the North Riding if the County of York who died 22 June 1885 at Kilton was proved at York by Charles Farndale of Kilton, the nephew and Thomas Hall of the Parish of Skutterskelfe near Stokesley in Cleveland Farmers the Executors.


In 2020, this is worth approximately: £107,558.41, In 1880, you could buy one of the following with £1,625, 2s & 6d:

Horses: 59

Cows: 167

Wool: 3009 stones

Wheat: 1269 quarters

Wages: 4924 days (skilled tradesman)


He is registered in the Death Duty Register in 1885, showing Charles as his executor in the court of probate at York. This shows that his will incurred an inheritance tax (first introduced in 1796 and by 1857 it applied to any estate worth over £20).

The following newspaper articles were sourced through Findmypast.
Yorkshire Gazette, 13 April 1861

Poor Law Union.

The following are newly elected guardians of the poor for this union for the ensuing year … Mr Martin Farndale, Kilton

York Herald, 20 August 1864

Sneaton Foal Show

This show took place at Sneaton for the third time, on Tuesday last. This show was considered superior to any of its predecessors. The judges were … The following were the awards of the judges … Coaching colt, Martin Farndale, Kilton

Daily Gazette for Middlesborough, 5 November 1873

Police News

Guisborough Police Court

Night poaching. John Julyan, keeper to Mr J T Wharton, of Skelton Castle, charged John Taylor, with having about midnight of 3 November, captured a rabbit upon the farm occupied by Martin Farndale, at Skelton.

York Herald, 21 February 1874


Thomas Burgess, of Carlinghow, was charged with wilfully setting fire to the fence of a field in the occupation of Martin Farndale, of Kilton, farmer. Fined £1 8s including costs.

Daily Gazette for Middleborough, 13 January 1877

Loftus District Ploughing and Hedgecutting Matches

These increasingly popular matches, despite the incessant rains lately experienced, came off on Thursday. Owing to the rather unfavourable weather, the number of spectators was not large. … The following being the list of winners … Class 1, open to all England, with either wheel or swing plough – John Atkinson, Bilsdale, 2 – Martin Farndale, Kilton

Daily Gazette for Middlesborough, 30 October 1878

Pleuro-pneumonia in Cleveland

At the Gainsborough petty sessions on Tuesday ... a report was read from Inspector Allen, of Loftus, and also from William Barker, veterinary surgeon, under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, stating that pleuro-pneumonia had broken out on the farm of Mr Martin Farndale, at Kilton, and one kyloe beast had been destroyed … Mr Farndale bought 35 beasts at Carlisle Fair, and observing one of them was wrong put it into a shed situate in a field belonging to Mr Proud, which adjoined is farm. After discussion it was resolved to put Mr Martin Farndale’s farm and Mr Proud where the beast was slaughtered into quarantine as an infected district for the 56 days required by the Act.

Newcastle Courat, 1 November 1878

Cattle disease

At Guisborough petty sessions on Tuesday, it was reported to the magistrate that pleuro-pneumonia had broken out on the farm of Mr Martin Farndale, at Brotton-in-Cleveland. One cow had been killed and buried. The bench ordered the farm to be quarantined as an infected district




























































































































York Herald, 23 February 1877


Farndale – On the 20th inst, at Kilton, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Martin Farndale, aged 72 years, deeply lamented. Will be interred at Brotton this day (Friday) at one o’clock (Friends will please accept this notice)