Farmer of Kilton Hall Farm


George Farndale
24 August 1876 to 14 February 1970 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





George Farndale, son of Charles Farndale farmer of Kilton and Ann Farndale formerly Dale, (FAR00341) born at Kilton, 24 Aug 1876. Registered Guisborough District 28 Aug 1876, by Ann Farndale, mother.


George Farndale registered Guisbro District Jul-Sep 1876

(GRO Vol 9d page 489 - 1837 online)



Census 1881 - Kilton Hall Farm:

George Farndale, son of Charles and Ann Farndale (FAR00341) of Kilton Hall Farm, age 4, born at Kilton.

George Farndale, was the last Farndale to live at Kilton Hall farm. He never married and lived there with his sister Grace Farndale who also never married. They lived much of their lives at Kilton Lodge. They retired from Kilton in 1940 and went to live at Redlands, Redcar where they both died. They had such records as existed from Kilton which were copied.



George Farndale, born 22 Aug 1876. Died Cleveland District Mar 1970.


Gravestone Saltburn

‘In loving memory of Grace Farndale died March 1st 1966 aged 86 years and her brother George Farndale died February 14th 1970 aged 93 years, (ie born 1877). Late of Kilton Lodge.’

Newspaper article - "£41,000 Will. Mr George Farndale of 37 Marske Mill Lane, Saltburn, a retired farmer, who died on February 14, left £41,881 (£41,773 net, duty £10,575)"

(Mon R)


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Official Gazette, 17 March 1970












A photograph of George on horseback at Kilton Lodge (written on the back of the photograph was: "Cadbury Bournville, employees 11000, ground space 35 acres, estate 72 acres, gardeners 35, commenced with small grocery store") - the photograph is marked as taken about 1925, but we wonder whether it was earlier than this?





A photograph of George (Sitting), about 1925


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George in about 1908



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George in about 1910