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 Marianne Catherine (Anne) Farndale

30 October 1930

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Trochu, Alberta, Canada



Marianne (“Anne”) Catherine Farndale, daughter of Alfred and Margaret Louisa (nee Baker) Farndale (FAR00683), was born in Alberta, Canada on 30 October 1930,



Marianne Catherine Farndale, came to England in 1935 and lived and went to school in Yorkshire. She joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and served at Gosport.



Marianne Catherine Farndale, married in 1954 at Chatham District, Norman Shepherd.

After marriage she lived in Calgary in Canada, in Glasgow and Northallerton.

She had three children (Stephen, David and Catherine)



Norman died on 17 December 1996. 

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                                                                                                Alfred’s daughters, Anne and Margot                                   Grace with Anne and Stephen perhaps? The caption says ‘a kite was flying’



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Grace with Anne’s son, Stephen                                                                       Anne and husband Norman


The Shepherd Family








Anne nee Farndale = Norman Shepherd











Stephen Shepherd


David Shepherd married


Catherine Shepherd married Raymond Wylie