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 Margaret (Margot) Lindsey Farndale

8 October 1937

 The Wensleydale Line












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB






Margaret (Margot) Lindsey Farndale, daughter of Alfred and Margaret Louise (nee Baker) Farndale (FAR00683), born at Thornton-le-Moor on 8 October 1937.  






Margaret Lindsey Farndale, lived and went to school in Yorkshire.  

Margot and Billy farmed at Gammersgill which is now farmed by their son, Will.



Margaret Lindsey Farndale, married Thomas William (Billy) Atkinson in 1959, at Wensleydale.


She lives in Yorkshire and has three children (Susan, Judith and William) and seven grandchildren.

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Margot with John Farndale in Guisborough in about 1960



















The Atkinson Family




Margot nee Farndale married William (Billy) Atkinson











Judith Atkinson married Ian Carlisle


Susan Atkinson married Brian Fawcett


William (Will) Atkinson married Rosie nee *







                             Nick Carlisle

               Phil Carilisle

Harry Carlisle                       James Fawcett

                 Robert Fawcett

Rachel Fawcett

              Thomas Atkinson