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John Farndale
24 December 1877 to 29 April 1970 










Miner and farmer of Kilton and Tidkinhow. The last Farndale at Tidkinhow.



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John Farndale son of Martin and Catherine Jane (nee Lindsay) Farndale (FAR00364) of Kilton Thorpe, farmer baptised

(BR, PR and DR)

John Farndale registered Guisbro District Jan-Mar 1878

(GRO Vol 9d page 475? - 1837 online)

Brotton, baptised 17 Feb 1878.



Census 1881 - No 2 Kilton Thorpe:

John Farndale. Son of Martin and Catherine Farndale (FAR00364) of No 2 Kilton Thorpe, age 3, born Kilton.



John Farndale, married Elsie Maude Hammond? at Ripon June 1928. They had no family.




Martin and Catherine were still living at Kilton Thorpe when their eldest son, John, was born on Christmas Eve 1877. Very little is known about him. He must have moved to Tranmire with his parents in about 1881 and then to Tidkinhow in about 1883, where he was brought up. He almost certainly went to school at Charltons and then at Boosbeck. He appears to have worked in the mines locally and was involved in an accident which damaged his leg for life. He then worked locally on farms. He used to say that he remembered driving sheep from Tranmire to Tidkinhow.

He married Elsie Maude Hammond in June 1928 and in January 1928, he took over Tidkinhow Farm when his father died. He farmed there until he retired in the 1960s. His wife, Elsie, became ill soon after they moved to 14 Walton Terrace at Guisborough. She died shortly afterwards. John lived at Guisborough and was looked after by relatives. He spent his last few years in a cottage near Stapleton where he was nearer to relatives, particularly Margaret Shields, eldest daughter of his sister Lynn. He died aged 94 in 1971 and was cremated in Darlington crematorium. His wife, Elsie, had been cremated at Stockton crematorium.


John Farndale, lived at Tidkinhow Farm Guisborough throughout his life until he and Elsie retired to a small house at 14, Walton Street, Guisborough. They were there in 1954. Elsie died about 1970 and John went to live at a bungalow near Tancred Grange and was looked after by the family of his sister Lynn.

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John and his wife Elsie (right) in about 1929††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Alf Ross (Dorothyís husband) with Elsie and John about 1929

At the reservoir in Bethel



John and Elsie at Tidkinhow in about 1937


Johnís house in Guisborough in about 1960:



With his niece Margot††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† With his brother Alfred


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Grace Farndale, John, Elsie Farndale, Alfred and Dorothy Ross†††††††††††† Margot, John, Elsie, Alfred and Dorothy
















John Farndale, born 24 Dec 1877. Died Darlington 29 April 1970 age 93.



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The boys of Tidkinhow in about 1910.


John, James, Alfred, William, George and inset Martin




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John Farndale (right) with his sister Dorothy Farndale and Alfred her husband in about 1930







John Farndale in 1967, the last Farndale of Tidkinhow