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19 September 1845 to 17 January 1928 


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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB



Martin Farndale was born on 19 September 1845 at Fogga Farm near Skelton. His father, Martin, was working on the farm which belonged to James Taylor, his father-in-law. His mother, Elizabeth (nee Taylor) seems to have been James' only child and heiress. Martin was in fact the second son of Martin and Elizabeth. At the time of the 1851 census the young Martin listed is listed as grandson to the owner of the house he was living in (ie to James Taylor of Fogga); he was aged 5 and born at Skelton. Certainly his birth is recorded in Skelton Parish Register as "Born September 19th 1845 and baptised on October 20th 1845 as son of Martin Farndale." Although all his brothers recorded at Somerset House, Martin's birth is not recorded there. The family consisted of four boys, William (b1842), Martin (b1845), John (b1848) and Matthew (b1850).

Martin's eldest brother died at Skelton, aged 11, of inflammation of the chest on 29 January 1854. Martin was aged 9 at this time. He was probably going to school at Skelton. His father died at Guisborough on 12 July 1862 of empyma and at this time Martin was 17. There is a family story that his father had been kicked by a horse.

For the next 14 years it appears that Martin grew up in the Skelton /Brotton area. He probably went on working for his maternal grandfather for some time, taking on the responsibility of looking after his two younger brothers and his mother.



Extract from 1851 census

1 December 1874. Assignment of the Lease from George Coates of Lackenby, yeoman and John Harrison the younger of Darlington in Duham, to Martin Farndale of Kilton, of a parcel of land 135 square yards and the fourstone houses built on it as marked on the map for the remainder of the term of 99 years. Reference U/AA/1/38, Teeside Archives. (being rehoused in the Dorman Museum)

By 1877 however, Martin was described as a miner of Brotton on his marriage certificate. He married Catherine Jane Lindsay, daughter of Andrew Lindsay, a shoemaker of Darlington, at St Cuthbert's Church, Darlington on 7 July 1877. He was aged 31 and she was aged 28. The ceremony was witnessed by James Mattison and Polly Thompson and the service was conducted by the Reverend T E Hodgson vicar.



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Martin, aged 32, about the time of his marriage

It appears that the newly wedded couple moved to a cottage at Kilton-Thorpe. According to Brotton Parish Register, their eldest son John was baptised on 17 February 1878 having been born 24 December 1877. He was born "to Martin and Catherine Jane Farndale of Kilton Thorpe, a miner." Their next child, a daughter, Elizabeth Lindsay was born two years later on 11 December 1879 and baptised at Brotton on 25 January 1850. Martin and Catherine were still living at Kilton Thorpe, but he was now described as a farmer. Their third child, Martin, was born on 8 June 1881 and was baptised at Brotton on 31 July 1881 and his parents were still at Kilton-Thorpe and described as farmers.

Sometime in the next two years Martin moved to Tranmire Farm near Whitby since his next two children were born there. There is a family story that Martin asked his brother Matthew to go to make a bid for Craggs Hall Farm near Brotton. The story goes that Matthew returned saying that he'd taken the farm - for himself! True or not that is where Matthew went and Martin went to Tranmire, a farm some ten miles along the road to Whitby - a poor moore farm near Ugthorpe situated on Roxby Moor. The other brother John spent his life working on the railway at Loftus. It was at Tranmire that their next son George was born in January 1883 and also their next daughter, Catherine Jane, named after her mother and always known as Kate; she was born on 16 June 1884.



Tranmire Farm, near Ugthorpe - Martin and Catherine moved here in 1885 from Kilton Thorpe


But by the time James was born on 22 December 1885, the family had moved to Tidkinhow farm on Stranghow Moor near Guisborough, an improvement on Tranmire. Eldest son John recalled driving sheep from Tranmire to Tidkinhow when seven years old; this would mean 1884.

The young family were brought up at Tidkinhow and the other six children were born there. William was born on 22 June 1887, but died only two years later on 19 July 1889. By this time Mary Frances had been born on 22 January 1889 and another son also to be called William, in January 1891. Two and a half years later came Grace Alice, named after her mother's sister and her mother's mother, Alice Lindsay. Then two years later Dorothy Annie was born on 24 May 1895 to be followed by the last and youngest child, Alfred on 5 July 1897.




Tidkinhow Farm, near Guisborough, about 1900 - Kate, Catherine, Alfred and Elizabeth (Lynn) - Martin and Catherine moved here in 1887

By now Martin was 52 and his wife, Catherine still only 43. They continued to work the farm at Tidkinhow and the eldest sons and daughters were now starting to work helping to look after the youngest who were going to school at Boosbeck. On 23 August 1903 Lynn (Elizabeth Lindsay) married George Barker and went to Tancred Grange near Scorton to live. John worked on the farm and in 18? Martin went to try his fortune in Western Canada, soon to be followed by his brother George in ?. The Canada bug hit the family hard and Kate went in ? to join her brothers; she never returned to England. In ? James followed though he was to spend his late life in the United States. Mary remained at home until she was married to George Brown in ? and went to live at ?. Meanwhile William had become a butcher at ?, but soon the Canada bug hit again and he went off to join his brothers in Canada, settling in Regina (?) in ?.



The boys of Tidkinhow in about 1910, John, James, Alfred, Willhe boys of Tidkinhow about 1910 - John, James, Alfred, William, George, Martin (inset)




The girl Farndales of Tidkinhow with Barker children - Willie B, Dorothy F, Mary F, Mary B, Kate F, Grace F, Margaret B, John B - about 1910



On 14 July 1911, Catherine Jane Farndale died at Tidkinhow aged 56; she was buried at Boosebeck Parish Church. Martin was now alone at the farm, but surrounded by his family, though now five were in Canada, two (Lynne and Mary) were married and one, the first William, had died. John the eldest was on the farm and Grace, by now 18 and Dorothy 16 were there to help bring up the youngest, Alfred, aged 14.

When the war came in 1914 three of the boys became soldiers. James joined the American forces and fought in France. Soon he was joined by William, serving in the Canadian Army who was wounded near Ypres in 1917 and then by Alfred who served from 1916 to 1920 as a British soldier in the Machine-Gun Corps in France and Mesopotamia.

After the war James returned to America where in September 1917, he had married Edna Adams. William returned to Canada where he too intended to marry, but tragically he died on 20 November 1919 from the flu, contracted when he was still weak from his was wound. Alfred returned to Tidkinhow in March 1920. But George Barker, Lynn's husband at Tancred Grange had died in ? and their young family wee unable to cope alone.


Martin harvesting at Tidkinhow about 1920





Martin Farndale mounted at Tidkinhow in about 1920




Alfred went to help out and stayed until 1921 before he returned home to help at the farm. He remained at home until Martin died on 17 January 1928, aged 82, of pneumonia. Martin is buried beside Catherine Jane at Boosebeck Parish Church where there is an inscription which says "Catherine Jane Farndale, Died 14 July 1911 aged 56 years, also MARTIN, Beloved Husband of the above, Died 17 January 1928 aged 82 years of Tidkinhow Farm."


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Martin Farndale at Tancred Grange in about 1925 - his daughter, Lynn Barker, lived there



Martin at Tidkinhow Farm about 1925 (notice sundial between upstairs windows)




Pictures of Martin Farndale at Tancred Grange about 1925 (his daughter, Lynn Barker lived there





Martin Farndale, George Brown, Grace Farndale, Willie Barker, and Mary Brown (nee Farndale)


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Catherine Jane Farndale





Martin Farndale son of Martin and Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00264), a farmer of Fogga, born Skelton; baptised 20 Oct 1845. Born 19 September 1845.

(Skelton PR & IGI)





Census - 1851 - Skelton- Fogga Farm:

James Taylor, head, age 74, widower, born Barnby, farmer 70 acres.

Elizabeth Farndale, 40, marr, daughter and wife of Martin Farndale, born Fylingdales (ie 1811).

Martin Farndale, 33, marr, born Easby, Son-in-law (ie born 1818).

William Farndale, son of Martin, age 8, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00356).

Martin Farndale, son of Martin, age 5, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00364).

John Farndale, son of Martin, age 2, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, son of Martin, age 9, born Skelton, grandson (FAR00383).

Martin does not appear in the 1861 Census including his family census record (perhaps he was just away on census day?):


Census 1861 – 61 Galey Hill, Hutton Lowcross:

Martin Farndale, head; marr; age 42; agricultural labourer; born Easby (1819).

Elizabeth Farndale, wife; age 44; born Skelton (1817).

John Farndale, son; age 12; scholar; born Skelton (1849) (FAR00376).

Matthew Farndale, son; age 10; scholar; born Skelton (1851) (FAR00383).



Census 1871 – Brough House, Brotton


John Rigg, head, 47

Martin Farndale, 25, born 1846, agricultural labourer

4 others


Martin Farndale, miner, aged 31, son of Martin Farndale, farmer, married Catherine Jane Lindsay, a spinster, aged 23 of Darlington, daughter of Andrew Lindsay a shoemaker, at St Cuthberts Church, Darlington, 7 Jul 1877.’


Catherine was born at Alnwick, Northumberland on 28 Jul 1854. Her father was a shoemaker living in Queen's Head Yard, Alnwick - see Catherine's Birth Certificate.





Catherine Lindsay on 29 October 1875, shortly before her marriage


The history of the Lindsay Family



Catherine’s birth certificate



His story is told in detail by following the link to the Farndales of Tidkinhow

(Brotton PR)


John Farndale, born Kilton Thorpe 22 Dec 1878 (FAR00553).

Elizabeth Lindsay Farndale, born Kilton Thorpe 25 Jan 1880 (FAR00564).

Martin Farndale, born Kilton Thorpe 8 Jun 1881 (FAR00571).

George Farndale, born Tranmire 9 Jan 1882 (FAR00588).

Catherine Jane Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 16 Jun 1884 (FAR00601).

James Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 22 Dec 1885 (FAR00607).

William Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm ?? Sep 1887 (FAR00625).

Mary Francis Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 22 Jan 1889 (FAR00634).

William Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 29 January 1892 (FAR00647).

Grace Alice Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 21 Apr 1893 (FAR00659).

Dorothy Annie Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm ?? Jun 1895 (FAR00668).

Alfred Farndale, born Tidkinhow Farm 5 Jul 1897 (FAR00683).

(Guisborough PR)




1881 Census – 2 Kiltonthorpe, Kilton


Martin Farndale, head, married, 34, an ironstone miner

John Farndale, 3 born Kilton 1878

Elizabeth Farndale, 1, born Kilton 1880


1891 Census – Red Lion Howe, Stanghow


Martin Farndale, 46, farmer and ironstone miner

Catherine Farndale, 35

John Farndale, 12, born 1879 at Kilton

Elizabeth Farndale, 11, born 1880 at Kilton

Martin Farndale, 9, born 1882 at Kilton

George Farndale, 8, born 1883 at Kilton

Catherine J Farndale, 6, born 1885 at Ugthorpe

James Farndale, 5, born 1886, Stanghow

Mary F Farndale, 2, born 1889, Stanghow

William Farndale, 0, born 1891, Stanghow


1901 Census – Tidkinhow Farm, Stanghow


Martin Farndale, head, 55, farmer

Elizabeth L Farndale, 21

Martin Farndale, 19, ironstone miner underground

Mary H Farndale, 12

William Farndale, 10

Grace A Farndale. 7

Dorothy A Farndale, 6


At the same time:


1901 – 105 Stanhope Street, Westgate, Newcastle


Alfred Farndale aged 3 is shown with Kate Farndale (born 1955) and the Heslop family from Alwick. He is shown as their nephew. So this was where Catherine (Kate) was with Alfred.   



1911 Census – Tidkinhow Farm, Boosbeck, Stanghow


Martin Farndale, 65, farmer, head, born Charlton

John Farndale, 33

Catherine Jane Farndale, 26

William Farndale, 20, butcher

Grace Alice Farndale, 17

Alfred Farndale, 13, born 1898



At the same time:


1911 Census – Scorton, Darlington


George Barker, head, farmer, 50, born Scorton in about 1861

Elizabeth Barker, 36

Kate Margaret Barker, 6

Gladys Mary Barker, 5

William George Barker, 4

John George Barker, 2

Catherine Jane Farndale, born Alnwick in about 1855, 56, married, visitor

Dorothy Annie Farndale, born Stanghow in about 1895, 16, single (FAR00668), visitor



1921 Census


Martin Farndale, 75, a widower, farming, employed on his own account, and living at home

John Farndale, his son, 43, single

Dorothy Farndale, his daughter, 25, single

Alfred Farndale, 23, single, his son, farming

William Barker, whose father had died, 14 years old, full time at school




Catherine Jane Farndale, died 14 Jul 1911 at Tidkinhow Farm aged 56.






Notice in Official Gazette, 2 April 1929, winding up the estate

Martin Farndale of Tidkinhow Farm died aged 82 years, 17 Jan 1928. (ie born 1846).

 From an undated Newspaper cutting;

 ‘Farndale; At Tidkinhow Farm, Boosbeck, on 17th January 1928, Martin Farndale died in his 83rd year. To be interred at Boosbeck on Friday 21 cortege leaving Residence at 1.30 pm. Friends kindly invited.’

Gravestone in Boosbeck Churchyard;

Catherine Jane Farndale died 14 July 1911 aged 56 years, wife of Martin Farndale, a farmer. She died of Fibroid Phthisis, cardiac failure, certified by WW Stainthorpe MD (Catherine's death certificate)

Also Martin, beloved husband of the above, died 17th January 1928 aged 82 years of Tidkinhow Farm.

(Mon R)



Buried at St Aidan, Boosbeck