Grace Alice Farndale
21 April 1893 to 1992 

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Grace Alice Farndale. Daughter of Martin and Catherine (nee Lindsay) Farndale (FAR00364) born Tidkinhow, Guisborough District.

(PR and family knowledge)

Grace Alice Farndale registered Guisbro District Apr-Jun 1893

(GRO Vol 9d page 525 - 1837 Online)


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Read Grace’s diary of her emigration to Canada with some details of life at Tidkinhow.


Grace Alice Farndale, at Tidkinhow Farm, then taught at Malvern College and in 1928 went to Canada. Later she returned to live at Leyburn, Yorkshire until she died.



Grace at Boosbeck School about 1900 - Grace appears to be the first girl from left in second row - she lived in Tidkinhow


Grace, Malvern 1920s


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Grace and Margaret (Peggy) Farndale (wife of Alfred) while teaching at Malvern College in the 1920s



Dorothy (centre front) and Grace (right front) at Farndale in about 1922


Grace Farndale was born in England and came to Canada with her brother Alfred and wife Peggy in 1928. Their sister Kate had come to Canada earlier and married W H Kinsey, so Grace stayed with both the Farndales and the Kinsey families. She met Howard and they were married in Calgary on 3 April 1934. Grace moved to his farm west of Huxley and they remained there until the early fifties when they retired to Calgary

Howard was educated at the International Boys School at Hampstead Heath, London. He was ecxpe4cted to go into his father's business at the Baltic Grain Exchange, but he wanted to be a farmer, so he came out to Canada in 1902. He hauled freight from Calgary with a team to this area and often said the trail went through where the Irricana is today.

In 1905 he went to the USA and joined the Minnesota National Guard; he was a sergeant. He returned to Canada in 1909 and bought the south west quarter of section 12, west of Huxley and settled into farming.

In 1915 Howard joined the Canadian Army - the 31st Battalion at Red Deer and went overseas. He returned around 1920 or later, owing to being in hospital. Howard then bought the Guy Shaw quarter which was the one north of his own and again started farming.

He was active in the Great War veterans Association, in Huxley, which became the Royal Canadian Legion Number Two Branch, being a Charter member and past president.

Howard died on 10 January 1955. Grace continued to live in Calgary and Elmer Fraser rented the farm until she sold it in 1961 to Walter Anderson.

In 1967 Grace moved back to England where she lived close to Alfred and Peggy




By the time the youngest brother, Alfred, and his wife Margaret (Peggy) plus younger sister Grace, arrived in Alberta in 1928, the family was well known in the District. These two members of the Farndale family settled in the Huxley district. They lived first with Alfred's elder brother, Martin, near Trochu.


In 1934, Grace married Howard Holmes, who farmed south-west of Huxley until he died in 1955. Grace then moved to Calgary where she lived until she returned to Leyburn in Yorkshire where she lived close to Alfred and Peggy (our Huxley Heritage).




Grace Alice Farndale, married Howard Holmes of Huxley, Alberta at Calgary in 1935. They had no children.


Wedding of Grace Farndale and Howard Holmes in Calgary in 1934


Kate Kinsey, Peggy Farndale, Grace Farndale, Howard Holmes, Dorothy Kinsey, Alfred Farndale

Anne Farndale, Geoffrey Farndale, Martin Farndale



She died aged 99 at Leyburn in 1992. She was cremated and her ashes are buried in Leyburn Church yard.
(all from family knowledge)





Grace about 1920







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The girls of Tidkinhow with the Barker children in about 1910


                                                                    Mary Farndale

Willie Barker         Dorothy Farndale

                                                                        Mary Barker                Kate Farndale      Margaret Barker                Grace Farndale

                                                                                                  John Barker

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Martin Farndale, George Brown, Grace Farndale, Willie Barker, and Mary Brown (nee Farndale)


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The cottages at Scorton where Grace Farndale and Margaret Baker (later married Alfred) had a poultry farm in about 1922



































































































































Grace's ranch




Inside Grace's ranch - the drawing room - about 1930




Howard Holmes on sleigh on ranch about 1935

Howard Holmes cutting corn in Alberta about 1935






Grace on verandah in Canada


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Howard’s death


Living on in Canada


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Grace and brother George Farndale about 1960 in Calgary




Grace , Mary and Catherine (Kate) - Farndale sisters - at Sylvan lake in 1950s


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Grace (left) with John and Elsie, Alfred and Dorothy




Grace and Howard - wedding photo



Grace Farndale



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Howard Holmes soldier 1914-1918                                      Howard Holmes

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Martin Farndale and Howard Holmes at the Holmes Ranch in Alberta in about 1946







Grace Canada about 1930




Howard Holmes at the ranch in Huxley in about 1955



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The Canadian Farndales at the Kinseys in about 1931


Martin          Jim                                                    Kate                Grace                              George                                                Alfred


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Grace with Anne and Stephen perhaps? The caption says ‘a kite was flying’




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Grace with Anne’s son, Stephen at Alfred’s Golden Wedding in March 1978                                                                                                                



























Grace in Leyburn in 1986