George Farndale
9 January 1882 to 4 May 1954

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Farmer at Three Hills, Alberta 


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George Farndale. Son of Martin and Catherine Farndale (FAR00364) born, Tranmire Farm.

(PR, BR)

George Farndale registered Guisbro' District Jan-Mar 1883

(GRO Vol 9d page 498? - 1837 Online)



George Farndale went to Canada about 1911 and lived at Three Hills, Alberta. He never married.


He is shown on the passenger list of the SS Halifax (Dominion Line) sailing from Liverpool to Halifax on 1 April 1911, with James Farndale who wrote a diary of the journey.

The fourth child and third son of Martin and Catherine, George, was born on 9 January 1882 at Tranmire, where his parents had recently moved to. He would be there for two to three years before moving to Tidkinhow, where he lived until he went to Canada. Like the rest of his family, he went to school at Charltons and later to Boosbeck, leaving in about 1896, aged 14.

Like his brothers, he started to work at Tidkinhow. He was close to his brother, Martin, and when Martin went to Canada in 1905, Martin told George that if it was all right, he would send for him. This he did and George went to join Martin at Trochu in 1906. George was a tall, broad man of few words, shy and a bit moody. There is a story that before he left home, he was out around the farm at Tidkinhow when they met some poachers. They threatened his father and one went up to George and told him to take his coat off and fight. George said "I don't need my coat off to you". He banged two of them together and they all went off.

George took a homestead near Three Hills, not far from Trochu and lived there all his life until he retired, when he went to live in Calgary. He lived alone all his life, remaining reserved and shy. There are many stories about him. Once he came to help his younger brother, Alfred, to drill corn. He arrived and started and then, with the job only half done, he drove himself and the drill home. Something said had annoyed him; so he left. He was known as a very upright and honest man. His bank manager used to say he was one hundred per cent reliable. There is also a story that he cared for a local girl, a nurse, who also liked him. She knew he was shy and tried to help him propose. He thought she was trying to pressurise him, so he never spoke to her again!

It is perhaps all these stories which describe this big, shy man best. Certainly he was alone most of his life. He had many Farndale qualities, but his was an extreme version of them.
George died on 4 May 1954 in Calgary aged 72, where he is buried.


 (Family knowledge)


George emigrated to Canada in 1905, and farmed for the rest of his life at Three Hills. He never married and remained alone and independent although well known in the District. He spent the last years of his life in Calgary where he died in 1954, and where he was buried (Our Huxley Heritage).



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The Canadian Farndales at the Kinseys in about 1931


Martin          Jim                                                    Kate                Grace                              George                                                Alfred










George Farndale of Calgary Alberta, Canada, died 4 May 1954 aged 72 years, (ie born 1882). He is buried in Calgary, Alberta.


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The boys of Tidkinhow in about 1910.


John, James, Alfred, William, George and inset Martin




The Kinseys and Farndales in about 1931


                                                     Martin Farndale        George Farndale          Ruth Farndale  Will Kinsey                  Alfred Farndale   Jim Farndale

                Alfred Kinsey       Edna Farndale             Jimmy Farndale   Martin Farndale         Grace Farndale 

                                                                                       Dorothy Kinsey                                                 Janie Farndale


(Mary Farndale, Anne Farndale)