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Walter de Farndale, Vicar of St Werberg in Hoo, Diocese of Rochester in Kent; Vicar of Haltwhistle in Northumberland by exchange 1338; Master of Leysingby Hospital Allertonshire 1341; Master of Elishaw 1342. (To be a vicar of this seniority in 1338, he must have been about 63, thus he must have been born about 1275).
(Fasti Dinelmense, Durham)
In 1338 it is recorded that, ‘Persons admitted to Holy Orders in 1334-1340; Walter of Farnedale, vicar of Hautwesile (Haltwhistle).
(Register of Bishop Daungeville of Bury)
In 1340 it is recorded that, ‘Collation of Walter of Farnedale to Leysyngby (Leysonby) Wardship.’

(Register of Bishop Daungeville of Bury)
In 1341 it is recorded that, ‘Collation of Walter de Farndale to be Master to the Chapel and manor of Leysingby

(Register of Bishop Daungeville of Bury)
In 1342 the appointment of Walter de Farndale as Master of Illishaghe (?) Hospital is recorded.
(Register of Bishop Daungeville of Bury)
On 1 Jun 1344 ‘ Waltero de Farnedale clericis testibus ad praemissa vocatis spacialiter rogatis.’

(Bishop Bury’s Visitation)
On 7 Feb 1347, ‘ At Eltham. Walter de Farendale, parson of Upmeadon Church acknowledges that he owes Richard de Levetun of Tykhill £8; to be levied in default of payment of his lands and chattels and ecclesiastical goods in the County of Sussex.’

(Close Roll)
On 9 Apr 1349, ‘At Langley. Presentation of Walter de Farndale as Warden of St Margaret’s, Chelmerford in the Diocese of London to the mediety of the Church of Turvey in the Diocese of Lincoln in the King’s Gift by reason of the Priory of St Neots being in his hands on account of the war with France on the exchange of benefices with Thomas de Dersyngton.’
(Patent Rolls)


 On 24th May 1328 a pardon was granted to Hugh de Faulkes of Lebreston on condition he join an expedition against the Scots for the death of Walter de Farndale of Cayton. Given at York 24th May 1328. (But was this the same Walter since it shows him dead before most of the events listed above occurred??)