George William Farndale
Born 21 July 1890 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB



 George William Farndale son of George Farndale agricultural labourer of Kirkleatham and Mary Farndale formerly Lawson, (FAR00451) born at 11, Pierson Street, Coatham, Kirkleatham. Registered by Mary Farndale, mother, at Guisborough District, 7 Oct 1890.


George William Farndale registered Guisbro District Oct-Dec 1890

(GRO Vol 9d page 478 - 1837 online)



George W Farndale, married Mar 1923 at Bradford District, WMN Beecroft.


His grand-daughter Patricia Boeck thought his marriage was around 1910-1915. He married Frances Hilton in USA, either in New York or Chicago. Frances appears to have come from England too, though Patricia is not sure where

(Email from Patricia Boeck on 5 May 2004)

Frances appears to have died in late November or early December 1918 from swine flu



Patricia was told George came from Redcar, Yorkshire and moved to USA at the age of 17 (about 1907?)

Did he go to USA, see died below? I think this might be wrong and in fact the person who travelled to USA in 1907 was William George Farndale FAR00492 Ė to reconcile and perhaps move the USA element of this record to FAR00492- but on the other hand if the USA George died in USA in 1984 then it canít have been William George

I received an email from Patricia Frances Farndale-Boeck who told me she is George William Farndale's granddaughter



Arthur William Farndale (FAR00813A) born 26 April 1915 in Chicago IL (Patricia says her information from her father, Arthur, is that the records were burned)

Richard William Farndale (FAR00851C) born 6 August ? 1918 in Prophetstown IL


Married 2

George appears to have married Rose Cunnigham in the 1920s in either Cedar Rapids or Desmoines, Iowa and appears to have come back to Prophestown about 5 years later.

Arthur and Richard were being raised by the McFadden family of Prophetstown, Illinois

George picked up Arthur, leaving Richard with the McFaddens and moved to Milwaukee, WI.


Family 2 (with Rose)





George Farndale, born 21 July 1890, died August 1984 Thiensville, Wisconsin, USA

George died while living with Rosemary in Thiensville, WI in August 1984, aged 94.