Herbert Farndale
30 March 1892 to 23 July 1971 











Sergeant in WW1 awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in WW1 and whose house was hit by a German bomb in WW2

Councillor, North Riding County Council



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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Herbert Farndale son of Matthew Farndale farmer of Craggs Hall Farm and Mary Ann Farndale (FAR00383) baptised 12 Apr 1892 at Craggs Hall Farm, according to the rites of the Wesleyan-Methodist Church.


Herbert Farndale registered Apr-Jun 1892

(GRO Vol 9d page 593 - 1837 Online)

Military Service:

4857, later 238221 Sergeant Herbert Farndale, 10th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment and later the 2nd Battalion the West Yorkshire Regiment, was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry and the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. He was commissioned in 1918.

(Medal Roll)



Military Medal Listing, Supplemental London Gazette, 18 June 1917



London Gazette, 13 May 1919



Herbert Farndale, a farmer, lived Craggs Hall Farm, Brotton. The Hall farm house received a direct hit by a German bomb on 3rd September 1940, he was away but two other people were killed. The house was rebuilt. He retired to live at 10, The Avenue, Brotton.


Junior Cup Final
Derick Pearson advises: ”This is Carlin How football field. The goal is the Kilton Lane end of the pitch and in the distance at the left end of the houses can be seen Lower Cragg Hall farm. To the left of that and higher can be seen Upper Cragg Hall farm buildings and house among the trees. Herbert Farndale owned this when we were youngsters. I believe one of the teams was a Skinningrove works team. I lived in that left hand house in the late 1940s and we could watch the matches over our garden fence. This was what was fondly known as Bells Huts and is behind what is now the Bullet and Bayonet on Kilton lane. The foundry now stands exactly where that row of houses was.”

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Herbert Farndale, died at the Cleveland Cottage Hospital, Brotton of uraemia, on 23 Jul 1971. Informant, Donald Farndale, (FAR00947) nephew of How-la-hay Farm, Guisborough.


Herbert Farndale aged 79 buried, Brotton New Churchyard, 23 Jul 1971. (ie born, 1892).


Buried in Brotton New Churchyard;

‘Herbert Farndale, died 23rd July 1971 aged 79.’
(Mon R)








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Matthew and Ann Farndale and their family at Craggs Hall in about 1900


William             Robert                                                      Ruth



                         Matthew           Herbert              Ann           Ernest





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Herbert Farndale wearing military medal in Green Howards          Herbert Smith at officer training unit in 1918



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