The Birregurra (Australia 1) Line







Matthew was the first Farndale to emigrate to Australia from which new families, including the Martins and the Darbys descend





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The Story of the Birregurra (Australia 1) Line

Matthew Farndale was the first Farndale to emigrate to Australia on 8 October 1852. We know very little about Matthew's life at Kilton . He would be brought up on the farm, go to school in the village or possibly at Brotton and go to church regularly. His parents were churchgoers and about the turn of the century became Methodists. Matthew Farndale, aged 59, his wife Hannah Farndale, formerly Thompson, aged 45, his daughter Elizabeth Farndale aged 19 (FAR00323) and his daughter Mary Ann Martin (nee Farndale) (FAR00313) aged 23 left Southampton on ‘The Argo’ (967 tons) on 8 Oct 1852. They arrived in Melbourne Australia on 19 January 1853, a journey of 103 days or some three months.

Although there are ow Farndale descendants of Matthew’s two daughters, there are many descended from this line including the Martin family, the Asplands, the Sitlingtons, the Parkinsons and the Smiths.

Please also visit the webpage which details the Farndales and their descendants of Australia.










The Kilton 1 Line
















Matthew Farndale

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3 November 1793 to 8 August 1884

Married Hannah Thompson

Farmer at Kilton and Kildale who emigrated to Australia

Kilton, Brotton,  Birregurra, Australia




























Mary Ann Farndale

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6 April 1831 to 20 January 1923

Kilton and Kildale and then Birregurra, Colac, Campertown (Victoria, Australia)

Married William Martin




The Martin Family






Elizabeth Farndale

5 April 1832 to 1918

Married William Danby in 1859

Kilton and Kildale, then Birregurra, Colac, Victoria, Australia







Elizabeth Clarissa Teresa Martin

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Born 19 December 1853 (died 26 July 1946)



The Aspland Family

Marion Amelia Susanna Martin

Born 15 September 1856 (died 1951)



The Sitlington Family

Anna Maria Martin

Born 1855




The Parkinson Family

William John Matthew Martin

Born 16 May 1860 (died 1942)

Alfred Miro Vitiricus Martin

A close up of a mans face

Description automatically generatedBorn 13 July 1863 (died 28 June 1953)


Ada Melinda Martin

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Born 2 September 1864 (died 5 November 1947)


The Smith Family

Mary Matilda Martin (Tilly)

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Born 20 April 1867 (died 11 March 1944)

Martin Edgar Martin

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Born 18 September 1869 (died 1952)
















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The Ancestry of the Australia 1 Line

The Australia 1 Line can trace directly back to 1512 from Matthew Farndale to Nicholas Farndaile as follows:


Matthew Farndale (FAR00225), 1793 - 1884


The Kilton 1 Line


William Farndale, (FAR00183), 1760-?


John Farndale ("Old Farndale" of Kilton), (FAR00143), 1724-1807


John Farndale, (FAR00116), 1680-1757


The Liverton 2 Line


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


The Kirkleatham Skelton Line


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572


You can then follow details of Farndale in the medieval period who were almost certainly earlier ancestors at Volume 1 of the Farndale directory.


You can then explore Yorkshire prehistory to give you a further perspective of the distant ancestry of the people of Farndale.



Chronology of the Australia 1 Line


3 November 1793

Matthew Farndale of Kilton was baptised at Brotton.


13 May 1829

Matthew Farndale married Hannah Thompson at Brotton.


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6 April 1931

Mary Ann Farndale was born at Kilton.


5 April 1832

Elizabeth Farndale was born at Kilton.


By 1841

Matthew was farming at Kilton and later at Kildale.




Mary Ann Farndale married William Martin at Kildale.

8 October 1852


Matthew (aged 59) and his family sailed from Liverpool to Australia on the Argo.

19 January 1853

Matthew and is family arrived at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


They must have first spent some time in Melbourne, first renting a house, hut or tent; there were only a few permanent buildings. Here they would enquire after land. They would have heard much of gold - the gold rush was in full cry. However they decided against it. Someone advised them to move west to Western Victoria around Colac. There was not much there; it was a risk; but they took it. It was a land of bush, huge gum trees, scrub, native wattle huts and bracken. There were no roads so they must assemble stores, equipment and prepare to move. They would probably have had a large wagon hauled by bullocks and a few horses. They would have found their way across country, crossing rivers where they could, until they came to Geelong - perhaps 60 miles the way they would have to go - this would have taken about a week. They would camo outdoors listening to the strange sounds of a strange land., particularly the birds. The most unusual would be the kookaburra with its hearty laugh, but magpies would remind them of Yorkshire. The land and the sky, with the southern cross would all be new, strange and different. They would see signs of aborigines who still lived in the area and were not always friendly to the white invaders. The heat of the day would be much more than anything they had ever experienced before and the terrible insects and flies. They would have been dirty and weary, the women in their long skirts sweeping the ground when they rested at Winchelsea. Then on to Colac where they must have stayed sometime looking for land.


For whatever reason they ended up at Birragurra and selected land. Their first task was to build a house which they did made of earth, grass and water. They must then have planted crops and collected animals, in particular sheep. Sometime later, perhaps a year or two, they built a small house of timber with a tin roof. They called it "Hawthorne" from the hawthorne they had planted on arrival. Hawthorne stills grows there.



29 December 1853


Elizabeth Martin was born.

15 September 1856


Marion Martin was born.


Anna Maria Martin was born.



Elizabeth farndale married William Darby at Birregurra.


The Darbys ran a general store at Colac.


16 May 1860

William Martin was born.


13 July 1863


Alfred Martin was born.


2 September 1864

Ada Martin was born.


20 April 1867

Mary Martin was born.


18 September 1869

Martin Edgar Martin was born.




The Railway reached Colac.



The railway reached Birregurra.

8 August 1884

Matthew Farndale, aged 90, died at Birregurra, Australia.


27 May 1888


William Martin died.

9 December 1892

Hannah Farndale, aged 84, died at Birregurra, Australia.



The property at Birregurra was destroyed in a bush fire.



William Darby died.



Elizabeth Darby died, aged 84 at Colac.


20 January 1923

Mary Ann Martin died at Campertown.