The founder of the first Australian Farndales, and their descendants.


Matthew Farndale
30 November 1793 to 8 August 1884

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Farmer of Kilton who then emigrated to Australia 


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Matthew Farndale, son of William & Mary Farndale (FAR00183) of Kilton baptised Brotton. Baptised 3 November 1793.

(Brotton PR & IGI)

Thought to have been born on 30 September 1793, the twin of William.


Matthew Farndale & Hannah Thompson married, Brotton, 13 May 1829. Aged 35. indicates Hannah Thompson was born 11 October 1807 and died 9 December 1892 aged 85

(Brotton PR & IGI)


Hannah was born at Sleights in 1808.


Mary Ann Farndale, born Kilton 6 Apr 1831 (FAR00313).

Elizabeth Farndale, born Kilton 5 Apr 1832 (FAR00323).




Census 1841 - Kilton;

Matthew Farndale, 45, Farmer, born Yorks; (ie born about 1796) signed Census.

Hannah Farndale, 30, born Yorks; (ie about 1811)

Mary Ann Farndale,10, born Yorks; (ie about 1831) (FAR00313).

Elizabeth Farndale, 8, born Yorks; (ie about 1833) (FAR00323).

Thomas Farndale 15, Male servant Born Yorks; (ie about 1826) (FAR00280), son of his brother George Farndale (FAR00215).

Poll Books 1835 - 1850;

All Show Matthew Farndale, as ‘Farmer; occupier of Kilton Hall Farm.’



Census 1851 - Hallgarth, Kildale;

Matthew Farndale, Head; Marr; age 57;farmer; 150 acres; 2 lab; b Kilton

Hannah Farndale, wife; marr; age 43; born Sleights ( 1808).

Mary Ann Farndale, dau; u/m; age 19; born Kilton (1832) (see FAR00313).

Elizabeth Farndale, dau; u/m; age 17; born Kilton (1834) (see FAR00323).

Plus servant and lodger living in.


So Matthew had moved to Kildale, about 10km south of Guisborough. Perhaps Hallgarth is what is now Hall Farm. Garth is a word which means paddock or yard.






Matthew Farndale lived (1) at Kilton Hall; then (2) at Hallgarth Farm, Kildale (150 acres, 2 men in 1851), then (3) sailed from Liverpool on the Argo on 8 October 1852 and arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 19 January 1853.



Life at Kilton before emigration to Australia

Matthew Farndale was one of twin sons born at Kilton Hall and baptised at The Parish Church, Brotton, on 3 November 1973. The other twin was William. Mathew and William were the third and fourth children of William and Mary Farndale of Kilton Hall Farm, Kilton. Kilton was then a village of some 120 inhabitants. Matthew's elder brothers were George (born 1789) and John (born 1971). There were to be four more children, Mary (b 1796), Martin (b 1798), Anna (b 1801) and Elizabeth (b 1804).

We know very little about Matthew's life at Kilton and he is not mentioned at all in his brother John's book about Kilton. However he would be brought up on the farm, go to school in the village or possibly at Brotton and go to church regularly. His parents were churchgoers and about the turn of the century became methodists. There is no evidence that he ever left the farm as he grew up. In 1816 his father took a farm at Easby for his elder brother George and another at Skelton for his next elder brother John. This left Matthew with his father William and his younger brother Martin at the Hall Farm Kilton. As he grew uo (he would be 23 when his elder brother left home) he clearly did more at Kilton. His name first appears in the Kilton Church Rates Book in `1829 as paying more rates than his father. He paid 8/9d and his father 7/9 3/4d. This would indicate that he was now in charge at Kilton aged 36. 1829 was also the year he was married. On 13 May 1829 Matthew Farndale of Kilton married Hannah Thompson of Sleights at the Parish Chapelry Brotton, indicating a methodist marriage. They were married by licence with consent of their parents by William Close, the Minister. Both signed in the presence of Ann Thompson, Elizabeth Seller and Richard Thompson. In 1831 their eldest daughter, MARY ANN was born and baptised at Brotton on 6 April 1831.

In 1831 also his twin brother William died of typhus fever. There is an obituary to him in the Methodist Records which reads:


"October 21st at Kilton: In the Stokesley Circuit in his 37th year, Mr William Farndale Junior. He was of an open disposition and of studious habits. About the year 1815 a revival of the work of God took place in the neighbourhood where he resided. When he was acquianted with his condition as a sinner and sought and found the Lord to the joy of his heart. He then listed himself to the Wesleyan Methodists and became very useful among them as an exhorter and local preacher. The complaint typhus fever which terminated his mortal existence, considerably affected his mind, yet when he recollected he expressed strong confidence in God."

He was buried at Brotton on 23 October and his tombstone still stands in Brotton old churchyard.

In 1832 ELIZABETH, second daughter to Matthew and Hannah was born at Kilton and baptised at Brotton on 5 April 1832. The situation at Kilton at this stage is not quite clear but as William got older Matthew began to take over, particularly after his marriage in 1829. His younger brother Martin married Elizabeth Hours at the Chapel, Brotton on 18 May 1833. There were three families living at the Hall; William & Mary; Matthew and Hannah and their two children; and Martin and Elizabeth. Somewhere about this time their elder brother George returned from Easby and in 1839 John's wife Martha had died at Skelton but he did not return to Kilton Both his younger sisters Mary and Elizabeth had died and Anna was married, living at Seamer, in 1841.

From 1838 to 1850, Matthew is shown as a farmer at Kilton and with his brother Martin on the Register of Voters. Then at the census of 1841 we read: "Matthew Farndale, a farmer of Kilton aged 45, Hannah his wife aged 30, Mary Ann his daughter aged 10 and Elizabeth his daughter aged 8." However this census shows Matthew and his family at Kilton Hall, Martin and Elizabeth at Stank House nearby and William and Mary at Brotton. Matthew signed the 1841 Census for Kilton.

On 25 March 1843 Matthew's mother Mary died at Brotton and was buried in Brotton Old Churchyard on 28 March 1843 aged 81 years. It appears that old William now went to live with his daughter Anna at Seamer for it was here that he died on 5 March 1846 aged 86, a farmer who died of old age in the presence of his son in law, William Phillips. In his will he left "All my money upon note and other securities unto my said son Matthew Farndale ...... my said son Matthew Farndale, my sole executor".


Clearly William expected Matthew to take over the farm at his death. We can only guess what was going through Matthew's mind however. It seems that he was not prepared to let down is father but it seems that he did not want to spend the rest of his life at Kilton. Events went as follows. He was clearly at Kilton until 1849 as the following entries show:

"Kilton Surveyors Accounts Book:

6 Jun 1843 Martin & Matthew Kilton lane Repairs

31 Aug 1843 Matthew Swindles, loading stores

11 Dec 1843 Martin & Matthew Gripping stones

18 Mar 1844 Martin & Matthew Cutting snow 2/- each

22 May 1844 Matthew Loading stones at Kilton Quarry 2/-

29 Jun 1844 Matthew & Martin Repair Cowhill Lane 2/- each

3 Feb 1845 Matthew Repair Cowhill Lane

24 Mar 1845 Matthew Cutting stones How Lane, cutting stones Kilton Lane, 2/- each lane"

There are also light entries in 1842 and 1843 for the provision of horses by Matthew for work on the roads, mainly How Lane and Mill Beck. He was paid for these sometimes teams of 1, 2 or 3 horses. In 1843 the Rate Assessments @ 6d in the £ showed his brother @ £212, George (now returned from Easby) @ £208 and Matthew @ £164, giving him a rateable value of £6,560.

The Kilton accounts show Matthew as paying a rent of £100 for the first time in 1834. In the Estate list of Freeholders Tithe for Brotton, Matthew was shown as renting a farm at Kilton in 1843 and 1845 and Townend Farm in 1849. Also in 1849 is the entry:


The York Herald on 30 March 1844 listed Matthew Farndale of Kilton as the new Parish overseer appointed for the ensuing year and also as a Poor Law Guardian.


An overseer of the poor was an official who administered poor relief such as money, food, and clothing in England. The position was created by the Act for the Relief of the Poor 1597. Overseers of the poor were often reluctant appointees who were unpaid, working under the supervision of a justice of the peace. The law required two overseers to be elected every Easter, and churchwardens or landowners were often selected. Overseers of the poor were replaced in the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, and replaced with boards of guardians, although overseers remained in some places as a method of collecting the poor rate

"1849 John Marshal, Townend Farm, late Matthew Farndale"

This would appear to be the year that Matthew and his family left Kilton. His farm with details of his fields are shown on the Tithe map for Kilton 1845.

The census of 1851 showed Martin and George, a widower at Kilton and Mathew had moved to Hallgarth Farm, Kildale, a farm of 150 acres and 2 labourers. He aged 57 and Hannah 43; Mary Ann his daughter aged 19 and Elizabeth 17. Richard Thompson was a servant unmarried aged 51, presumably his brother in law and they had a lodger, William Horsley aged 28

Matthew Farndale, aged 59, his wife Hannah Farndale, formerly Thompson, aged 45, his daughter Elizabeth Farndale aged 19 (FAR00323) and his daughter Mary Ann Martin (nee Farndale) (FAR00313) aged 23 left Southampton on ‘The Argo’ (967 tons) on 8 Oct 1852.They arrived in Melbourne Australia on 19 January 1853, a journey of 103 days or some three months.

Please now visit the webpage which details the Farndales and their descendants of Australia, which line was started by Matthew.


There is much more detailed information about Matthew and his family and his emigration to Australia on that other webpage.


See also more information about his descendants in Australia, the Martin family



The Geelong Advertiser, 15 July 1878:



The following notices appear in the Gazette :-

Mr Edward Darling, Clerk of Courts at Steiglitz, has been appointed a Commissioner of the Supreme Court.

The following have been appointed trustees :-Mr John Bell, for land temporarily reserved as a site for a cemetery at Bambra, in the room of Mr J. Dennithorne, who has left the colony; Messrs Alex. and Richard Dennis, Samuel Gilbert, Samuel Talbot, and Matthew Farndale, for land temporarily reserved as a site for Wesleyan Church purposes at Birregurra; Messrs Francis Orinon and Chas. Shannon, for land reserved as a site for a Presbyterian place of worship and minister's dwelling in the town of Geelong.


Matthew Farndale helped to establish the Birregurra Methodist Church.





Matthew Farndale, age 90 at Birregurra, Australia 8 Aug 1884.


Hannah Farndale, age 84 at Birregurra, Australia 9 Dec 1892.


But his death or memorialised on the tombstone of his twin brother William.


(Brotton Gravestone)






The grave of Matthew and Hannah at Warncoort cemetery, Australia


In Memory


Who died August 8th 1884

Aged 90 years

Blessed are the dead

Who die in the Lord

Also of


Relict of the late Matthew F

Who departed this life at


On Friday 9 December 1892

Aged 85 years

For so he giveth is beloved sleep


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Hannah Farndale

























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The Colac Herald, 12 August 1884


We regret to record the death of Mr. Matthew Farndale, a very old and respected resident of this district, which took place on Friday last at his residence, Birregurra. Mr. Farndale, who had reached the great old age of 90 years, was a wonderfully robust and sound constitutioned man, but, of course, during late years a general breaking up of the system was taking place, and his death was not unexpected. His remains were interred in the Irrewarra cemetery yesterday afternoon in the presence of a large number of friends and acquaintances of the family.












































































Mary Ann had already married William Martin when they emigrated, so although no direct Farndale line followed from this family in Australia, the Martin family and other descendants can link in to this story. For a comprehensive record of those descendants, including their link to the Farndales, go to the website of Robert Mote at











He is also commemorated in Yorkshire@



The memorial to Matthew and Hannah at Brotton, Yorkshire