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 An appeal against Adam de Farndale, in 1320. (Say he was 25 at the time then he was born about 1295).

(Patent Rolls)

The Commission of Oyer and Terminer to John de Doncastre, John de Barton and Adam de Hoperton touching on appeal in the County of York by Agnes, late wife of John de Maunby against Adam de Farndale for the death of her husband on 21 Sep 1320. (Say Adam was 25 at the time then he was born about 1295).

(Patent Rolls)

‘At Pickering before the Sheriff of York in 1323, on Friday after the translation of St Thomas last, Adam son of Simon the miller of Farndale, (21), Richard the son of John the miller three unknown men came to the place ‘Petrenedle’ and there took two hinds and when they were proclaimed by the foresters they left one hind which the foresters carried the other way with them...(long list of other offenders)...... The King orders the Sheriff to take with him John de Rithre and to arrest the aforesaid men and deliver them to John de Kyltynton, Keeper of Pyckeryng Castle whom the King ordered to receive them and to keep them in prison until further orders.’ Was this the same Adam de Farndale, who would be 28 at the time which would fit?

(Close Rolls)