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Welcome to the website of the history of the Farndale family

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Martin Farndale, the Pioneer of the Farndale Genealogy       The Farndales of Tidkinhow 1910                                                                              Joseph Farndale 1842 to 1901, Chief Constable of Birmingham                   The Coat of Arms of General Sir Martin Farndale KCB                                      

                                                                                          (John, James, Alfred, William, George, Martin (inset))                                                                                                                                                            Dictum meum pactum (“His word is his bond”)                                                  

Three Purposes of this Website


A Family Story. For Farndales and Descendants of Farndales. The first purpose of this web site is to make available genealogical and historical information about the Farndale Family to descendants of the family, whether or not they still adopt the surname.


A Historical Journey. For Historians, Local Historians, and those with an interest in Yorkshire and its History. This is also the story of one large extended family and its footsteps through the history of Britain, focused on its Yorkshire origins, over two millennia. It invites you to follow in the footsteps of a related group of individual lives which tells the story of Yorkshire and of Britain through time.


A Genealogical Journey. For Genealogists. It is also a genealogical journey which pushes the boundaries of genealogical research, to provide the whole story of a single family, reaching into medieval records. It provides breadth and depth, exploring how genealogy can tell a full story of a family brought alive by stories through time.




Three Ways to access the information


The Farndale Story. Please start by visiting the Farndale Story, a hub which will provide orientation and guide you through the story of the family. This is a new part of the website and most of the pages of the Story will be written over the next few months aiming to have most of it done by about January 2025. Until then you will find much of the Story is work in progress.


The Family Branches. The detailed research is provided through individual pages providing the detailed chronology of every member of the Farndale family divided into 84 family lines, each of which has its own Family Tree.


The Farndale Directory. The genealogical material was originally structured by Martin Farndale using the Farndale Directory, a list of each individual in chronological order by date of birth. This is still available in case it is helpful to find information that way.




Related Families and Records


The Baker Story. The website also tells the story of the Baker Families of Highfields, and of Fenton Culvert and Hasfield Court. This includes material about the Hall Family of Staffordshire, the Bellyse of Staffordshire and the Dods of Highfields.


The Chapman Family. There is also a simpler genealogical exploration of the Chapman Family of Walter Chapman.


Regimental Records. The material collected by Martin Farndale also provides a unique history of First Regiment Royal Horse Artillery 1950 to 1971 and the early years of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.




The History of the Website


This website is the culmination of work started by Martin Farndale in 1956 and continued by his son Richard since 2000.


General Sir Martin Farndale KCB died in May 2000. During his lifetime, he carried out extensive research into the Farndale family history. This website has been compiled by his son, Richard Farndale and continues this research which is made available to anyone who may be interested. The site was first published on 6 November 2001, and after a few years off line, was re-published from March 2019.


After nearly 75 years of work over two generations, the genealogy is aspiring to be a uniquely thorough genealogy of a non aristocratic British family, tracing the family origins back to the Norman Conquest and beyond and comprising a historical record of a single wider family. Work continues but the site already provides significant depth and detail. What makes this record unique is the thorough research by Martin and collation of a wide breadth of direct family records and recollections, which can now be enhanced by twenty first century search methods. The Farndales descend from the folk who made up the engine room of British history. For the bulk of such families, it is generally very difficult to go back in time much beyond about 1500. However the Farndales are privileged to have a locative name, which is rooted to a place. What is more that place is a relatively small, rural valley in North Yorkshire, which provides a uniqueness which helps research of early medieval records. The name therefore provides a unique beacon which makes navigating the medieval sources a possibility. This has made it possible to find significant records of individuals back to the fourteenth century.  We are extraordinarily privileged to be able to see back that far.


Martin Farndale’s historical research began: 1956

Site First Published by Richard Farndale (at 6 November 2001

Site Second Published by Richard Farndale (at 6 December 2014

Site Third Published by Richard Farndale (at 16 March 2019

Site Last Updated: 4 July 2024 


Contact Me


You can contact me at


Please pass on details of the site to Farndale relatives, those interested in Yorkshire history, historians and genealogists. It is free to use, and intended as a source of material for all those who can benefit from it.


The best way to view this site


I suggest that you read the Farndale Story on a PC or tablet. An iphone will work, but the text may not always align properly.


The more detailed research pages are primarily intended for use on a PC. This is because the site is intended for the provision of detailed information, more suited to the larger format of a PC. However, it does work quite well on a tablet, such as an ipad. On an iphone it may sometimes tend to be distorted with text not always aligning, though you can generally read text and it should work ok with an iphone too.


Personal Information 


I do not wish to record detailed information about living Farndales unless I know that you are happy for me to do so. This site is about historic Farndales who are no longer alive. As a rule I only record the most basic publicly available information about living Farndales, primarily their year of birth. This is so that anyone who wishes, can find themselves in the directory or in family trees, and then use this site to explore their ancestry.


Where I am aware of public information about living Farndales, on their own websites, or public entries on the web which is available already, I have sometimes included that information on personal pages of living Farndales.


If you find your own entry on this website and would like me to include more information about your part of the family, please let me know. Please don’t provide me with any information you would not wish to be publicly available. 

I think it is very unlikely that I have recorded any information on the site which people would prefer to keep private, but if there is any information on this site which you would prefer not to appear, please email me at,  and I will remove it.