Agricultural labourer in Great Ayton


Henry Farndale
25 October 1795 to 28 December 1857

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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Henry Farndale, twin son of Samuel Farndale (FAR00149) of Kilton baptised, Brotton.
(Brotton PR & IGI)


When Henry Farndale and his twin brother Joseph were born in 1795 in Kilton, Yorkshire, their father, Samuel, was 60, and their mother, Elizabeth nee Hutton, was 45

Married (first marriage)

Henry Farndale married Elizabeth Appleton in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, on 20 May 1819 when he was 24 years old


Henry Farndale, bachelor & Elizabeth Appleton both of Ayton, married, Great Ayton, by Banns, 20 May 1819. Witnesses, John Longstaff, John King. (Say Henry 24 at his marriage, born about 1795).


Ann Farndale, born Nunthorpe 31 Dec 1820 (FAR00273).

William Farndale, born Nunthorpe 29 Jun 1823 (FAR00283).

Elizabeth Farndale, born Nunthorpe 29 Jan 1826 (FAR00291).

(Nunthorpe PR) Nunthorpe is now southern Middlesborough, and about five miles north of Great Ayton

John Henry Farndale, born Stainton 13 Apr 1828 (FAR00302).

Jane Farndale, born Stainton 23 Jan 1831 (FAR00310).

Robert G Farndale, born Stainton 9 Feb 1834 (FAR00326).

(Stainton PR) Stainton is now south western Middlesborough




Census 1841 - Great Ayton:

Henry Farndale, 45, ag lab, born in York (ie 1796).

Elizabeth Farndale, 45, born in York (ie 1796)

Jane Farndale,10, born in York (ie 1831) (FAR00310).

Robert Farndale, 7, born in York (ie 1834) (FAR00326).


Census 1851 - Great Ayton:

Henry Farndale, head; widower; age 54; ag lab; born Kilton (ie 1797).

Robert Farndale, son; age 17; ag lab; born Barwick, Yorks; (ie 1834) (FAR00326).

Married (second marriage):

Henry Farndale married Ann Richardson in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, on 27 February 1854 when he was 59 years old


Henry Farndale aged 55 (actually 59) a widower, a labourer of Ayton son of Samuel Farndale (FAR00149), farmer deceased, married Ann Richardson aged 41, spinster, servant of Ayton, daughter of Ralph Richardson weaver deceased at the Parish Church of Great Ayton, 27 Feb1854. (Henry made his mark; Ann signed). Witness John Wright (his mark) and Joseph Wagstaff. George Robson, Curate.



Mary A Farndale, born Great Ayton 3 Mar 1855 (FAR00409).

(Great Ayton PR)


Henry Farndale died in 1857 in Stokesley, Yorkshire, when he was 62 years old


Henry Farndale aged 62 an agricultural labourer of Great Ayton died of chronic hepatitis at Stokesley; Robert Farndale (FAR00326) in attendance, 28 Dec 1857. Registered Stokesley 29 Dec 1857



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